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h&h partners with different businesses and community organisations to deliver training to students who don’t always come to our Granville campus. 

Sometimes we work with businesses like aged care providers or community partners who would need training services to help their staff or students, so we provide our qualified trainers to help out.

h&h has been working with Your Town since October last year. The community organisation is a social enterprise that supports young people who might be vulnerable and trying to find a home, job skills or other opportunities.

Our business and childcare trainer Rimpreet Bedi has been delivering our h&h training and assessments to students who learn at Your Town’s premises. 

I have really enjoyed teaching young people and seeing them learning and growing to achieve their future goals,” she says.

These students have had a tough time studying in a pandemic, with socially distant classroom training times sometimes clashing with their job interview appointments.

Your Town students might need to be on Zoom sessions where students have limited access to internet data, so it drops out. And sometimes the students had casual shifts they had to work at the same time the training was happening,” Rimpreet says.

“It’s harder for these students than the students who have access to the h&h campus, where there is always unlimited internet and access to laptops.”

Your Town students are studying either a BSB30115 Certificate III in Business or CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services.

“These students need lots of motivation to achieve their goals because of lack of resources – many have no laptops, internet or wifi,” Rimpreet says.

Your Town supports its students with as many IT resources as possible, and Rimpreet gives students handouts, extra Zoom sessions and one-on-one support to help them gain the skills and knowledge they need to qualify. 

Rimpreet also offers her Your Town students the opportunity to come to the South Street campus if they want more resources or equipment to finish their projects.