Why should you study business? It’s a great question and one you’re probably asking – after all, why do you need business skills to apply to your chosen career? There are so many amazing reasons to study business, no matter what field of work you decide to enter into.

Knowing how to run a business of any kind will afford you so many more work and career opportunities than if you weren’t armed with these skills. In any company you work for, there will often occasion for you to assist with day-to-day administration of its efficient running.

Why You Should Study Business – For Basic Business Administration Skills

If you have basic business administration skills, as you will do if you undertake BSB30115 Certificate III in Business, you will be able to work in a variety of business administration roles. These include effective customer service, communication skills and basic business procedures. You will also learn how to produce professional business documents and computer-based documents.


Advance Your Business Knowledge

Should you wish to advance your business knowledge and training and open up even more opportunities for career advancement, you may wish to undertake BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business.

This nationally recognised course will boost your confidence as well as your skills, empowering you to arrange and organise business meetings, address your customer’s needs, identify risks and manage them appropriately, organise business travel within your company, promote goods and services, develop excel spreadsheets and monitor a safe workplace.


Set Your Sights on Leadership!

Finally, if you have your sights set on management and leadership of a company that you are already working in, or one you wish to work in, you should consider taking our BSB50215 Diploma of Business.

Nationally recognised, this qualification empowers you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead and manage a team. It gives you a strong understanding of business operations and their management and will allow you to work as a supervisor or manager in a large number of diverse industries.

You will learn all aspects of management, including holding a meeting, recruitment of staff and selection and induction processes, workforce planning, implementing and managing programs that promote personal effectiveness and continuous improvement, market research, risk management and personal work priorities and professional development.

At h&h, we offer Classroom, Distance and Traineeship course options. To find out which would best suit you, please contact us!