Aged Care Courses at h&h

We have some amazing Aged Care courses in Parramatta, on offer at h&h that can either set you on your path to one of the most compassionate jobs you’ll ever do or help you further your already flourishing career.

It’s important to remember that Aged Care doesn’t always mean you are caring for people who are fully dependent. There are many aged care patients or clients who are quite independent but do require some support in their home or daily lives, which is where you will step in. You will find that whether you are looking after someone who is quite independent or someone who is very dependent, that the career gives back to you in so many ways. You will learn from the people you care from and you will enjoy hearing their tales of their lives and find that they touch your life in a way that you will never forget.

Some of the things you will learn in our courses, certificates and diplomas include:

  • Empowerment for the elderly, which includes affirming their rights and ensuring that they maintain autonomy and dignity in their old age;
  • How to provide support for people who are living with dementia. This extends not only to the person who has dementia but to family members, who often suffer greatly from the disease as they struggle to accept the loss of their loved one;
  • Duty of Care, which includes confidentiality, codes of practice and culturally appropriate workplace practices;
  • Recognising and witnessing signs of neglect or abuse;
  • Values in Aged Care and Community Service Work and problem solving around competing values; and
  • Philosophies, principles, benefits and scope of palliative care.

Our courses offer so much more than this though and you will find them completely fulfilling, with qualifications that will set you on a path to true career satisfaction.

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