Traineeships at h&h

student undertaking traineeship program

What is Traineeship?

Traineeships are a great opportunity to be paid whilst working within an industry. It enables each person to gain knowledge and skills, and work towards a qualification. The training contracts combine work-based training with an employer and formal training with h&h Accredited Training. 

h&h Accredited Training offer traineeships under all the qualifications we train in being – Business, Early Childhood Education and Care, Aged Care, Disability Specialisation and Community Services. They can be completed under full-time or part-time employment contracts. Not all learners enjoy sitting classroom style delivery, so why not try the hands-on industry experience you will receive as a traineeship student.


What does the day-to-day life look like?

As a trainee, your daily life will consist of full-time or part-time work as per normal with the inclusion of paid study hours (minimum of 3 hours per week). Individually, your daily routine will differentiate depending on what qualification you are studying. Here at h&h, we offer the following courses;

  • •  Business
  • •  Community Services,
  • •  Aged Care,
  • •  Disability Specialisation, and
  • •  Early Childhood Education and Care.


Roles and responsibilities: 

During your traineeship period, you have the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge within your role, this is under the guidance of qualified staff. You can do this by: 

  • •  Accepting and completing instructions given by your manager or supervisor
  • •  Attending scheduled training delivered by your registered training organisation
  • •  Completing assessments and other tasks set by your training organisation
  • •  Maintaining the daily reports or work evidence guide if you have been provided one 
  • •  Always notifying your supervisor if you are running late or unable to come to work 
  • •  Contacting Training Services NSW if there are changes to your personal details such as name, home address, postal address or if you have any concerns about completing your apprenticeship or traineeship. 


Eligibility Checklist:

  • •  Must be working full-time or part-time – not casual. 
  • •  Australian citizen, permanent resident or on a Visa. Please be advised only specific Visas are eligible. Contact us to find out if your Visa is eligible for the traineeship program. 


New Entrant and Existing Workers

New entrants, upon specific circumstances will have a funded traineeship, however, the following is considered: 

  • •  Employed by the traineeship employer less than 3 months as full-time, or equivalent to – part time/ casual before commencing the traineeship 
  • •  Employed by the traineeship employer less than 12 months as part-time or a casual equivalent before commencing the traineeship 
  • •  Employed by the traineeship employer less than 12 months as a combination of full-time, part-time or casual before commencing the traineeship 

 – If the New Entrant eligibility criteria does not apply to you, you may be eligible as an Existing Worker. Contact your Apprenticeship Support Network Provider to enquire about your eligibility. 


Obligations of the trainee:

Your traineeship will be in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001, Vocational Training Guideline. You and your employer will be provided with updates on the progress of your training along with a Training Plan which you will be responsible for working with in order to successfully complete your training. 


What is a Training Plan?

The training plan provides what will be undertaken during your training, who will be conducting the training along with how, when and where the training will take place. As a trainee, you have the right to choose which RTO you receive your training from and the units of competence you will receive. 


Is a traineeship for me?

  • •  Are you determined? 
  • •  Can you manage multiple tasks or requirements? 
  • •  Can you juggle both work and study? 
  • •  Do you have good time management skills?

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before taking part in a traineeship program. 

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