How to create a USI

A USI stands for Unique Student Identifier and is a way for the government to issue certifications and qualifications specifically to you.

About the USI

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a national government requirement for all students from 1st January 2015. Creating a USI gives you access to your online USI account, which will contain all of your nationally recognised training records and results completed from 1st January 2015 onwards. This will assist when you are commencing employment with a new employer or if you are commencing study with a new registered training organisation (RTO). Under government legislation, training organisations can only issue certification when they have received your USI.

Do I need a USI?

From January 1 2015, if you are undertaking nationally recognised training, you need to have a USI. This includes studying for a nationally recognised qualification with an RTO, completing an apprenticeship or traineeship, or completing a skill set where you will be issued with an accredited certificate.

How do I apply for a USI?

Creating a Unique Student Identifier (USI) is an easy and free online process. The application process should only take a few minutes to complete. Please follow the steps below to create a USI:

  1. Choose the evidence of identity document (ID) you will be using to create your USI. Refer to the
    types of ID you can use here.
  2. Enter your personal details exactly as they appear on your form of ID. If you encounter a problem,
    click here for more information.
  3. Select whether you have a first name and a family name or if you only have one name
  4. Enter your name(s)
  5. Enter, and confirm your date of birth
  6. Enter your gender
  7. Enter your country and place of birth

You can apply for your Unique Student Identifier here

Your USI will now be displayed on the screen and will have been sent to you by either email, SMS, or via
the post. Please keep a record of this number as this USI is yours for life! It is important to record your USI
somewhere safe when you have received it as you will be required to provide it for all nationally accredited
training that you complete in the future.

If you are enrolling in training, your training organisation will need to collect and verify your USI. To help
your training organisation to do this, you may want to print or email your USI verification details.

You can also set up access for organisations to view and/or update your USI account. You can also set up
access for organisations to view your transcript. Providing access to your USI account and your transcript
may assist your training organisation to process your enrolment.