Not everyone enjoys sitting in a classroom full time to learn the knowledge and skills they need – some students do better learning through a traineeship, where you combine hands-on work with qualifying for a certificate III, IV or even a diploma.

Traineeships are perfect for people who are looking to step up their career by gaining a qualification and work experience at the same time. There’s the added bonus of getting paid, too!

At h&h, we offer traineeships in all our learning areas – business, early childhood education, aged care, disability care and community services. We have a full time traineeship coordinator dedicated to supporting our trainees through the transition to work and study.

Traineeship co-ordinator Mollie Werch says the college’s most popular traineeship course is the CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, which allows trainees to work in childcare centres gaining formal skills and knowledge to work in the industry.

“The on-the-job training is probably the most beneficial aspect of traineeships,” she says. “A lot of people learn best by modelling themselves after the people around them in the workplace.”

In addition to practical work experience, trainees also work towards gaining a nationally recognised VET qualification, which means your qualification or certificate is valid across all states of Australia.

The time for traineeships is now

There couldn’t be a better time to take on a traineeship, where you get paid to work and earn a qualification at the same time. 

You can also transfer from an existing traineeship with other registered training organisations or TAFE and get full credit transfer by coming to h&h for our supportive traineeship offering. 

Traineeships can be completed full time or part time and there is no set period of time allocated to training. Instead, training is competency-based, which means you complete your traineeship once you have reached a certain skill level. 

Traineeships can be completed full time or part time. 

Most traineeships usually last anywhere between ten months and three years. Although there are times when a traineeship can be completed earlier. This is determined by the trainees competence, the employer input and the trainer’s onsite assessments.

Fee-free options have been available since the beginning of 2020

Under the NSW government’s Smart & Skilled program, school leavers and those who live in NSW may qualify for fee-free traineeships.

Our governments want to invest in your training – take a look at the fee-free options. As well as traineeships, there are also fee-free options to learn infection control, which give you a Statement of Attainment rather than a full qualification.

Eligible employers can apply for a wage subsidy of 50 per cent of a trainee’s wages paid until 31 March 2021. This is in addition to the existing government wage support announced before October 2020 – so it’s good news for those who want to invest in qualifying for a new career.

The wage subsidies require the trainee to have a training contract that is formally approved by the state training authority. Our specialists at h&h work hard to make sure our trainees are supported to qualify and are welcome to join classes on any topics they want extra help with.

These incentives – for employers and for learners – make it a no-brainer to upskill. Traineeships give you a great mix of formal learning and practical hands-on training in the workplace.

Many trainees have the added appeal to future employers of having valuable work experience, giving them a leg-up over students without any industry experience.