A traineeship is a great way to combine employment and training in order to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

A traineeship gives students the opportunity to not only learn the skills needed for a successful career but put them into practice while working. This creates valuable experience for both the trainee and the employer. For extra support within the traineeship, trainees have the opportunity to occasionally join Saturday classes for further learning. They receive monthly visits from an h&h trainer to upskill within their role, and later into a higher qualification if desired. Contact h&h to determine eligibility and suitability to traineeships.

Traineeships are carried out in your place of work with your employer via formal training from a training provider.

Trainees continue to work in their role while gaining new skills, therefore will still be earning a wage or salary while they study.

Traineeships are usually full time but can also be part time or school-based. You will be visited onsite by an h&h trainer every four to six weeks.

Submitting assessments is as easy as posting, emailing or handing to the trainer/assessor upon visits. An Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) will also assist a trainee throughout the traineeship regarding mentoring programs and incentives.

Traineeships are established under training contracts between the employer and trainee and are regulated by government. Traineeships are a fantastic way to improve your skills and be paid for working as you learn and earn a qualification.