Sarah Clark is the Traineeship Coordinator at h&h Accredited Training. At just 27 years of age, Sarah is one of our most enthusiastic and hard-working team members. She is loved by all who work with her and indeed everyone who meets her.

In this blog, we discuss her role, how she came to work at h&h and why she believes a traineeship is of great benefit to so many people!


Q: Can you tell us a little about how you came to be Traineeship Coordinator at h&h?


Sarah: “I was working as a Club Manager for a gym, but it was not my passion. My dream was to be a teacher, or work within the education sector, ever since I was a little girl.

“One day, I saw an ad on a job website for the role of Course Coordinator at h&h. I applied, was interviewed and was hired the very next day! Within a week I was working in my dream job and I have never looked back. It has it worked out so well.

Q: You are currently studying as a Trainee yourself, as well as being Traineeship Coordinator. How does that work exactly, and what area you studying?

Yes, as well as working in the Traineeship Coordinator role, I am also a business trainee with h&h. I completed my Certificate III in Business in 2018 and am currently completing my Diploma of Business. There is only one unit left for me to complete, which will take another month. After that, I will do my TAE (Training and Assessing). That means I can become a trainer with h&h, which is my ultimate career goal.


Q: How did your current role at h&h come about?

Sarah: The job role I was initially hired to do was a Course Coordinator position. There was some staff shuffling after a while and I ended up as the Traineeship Coordinator. At first, I was slightly reluctant, because I wasn’t sure I could do it. However, I quickly realised that I absolutely love this area. It is a wonderful role and I enjoy guiding people.

Q: Can you explain a bit about your day? What does your role entail?


Sarah: My day is always different and very interesting, but a snapshot would be anything from:

  • Sign up
    This involves attending various childcare centres, offices and aged care facilities to enrol students and provide them with their training materials;
  • Applying extensions.
    This is for people who are studying with us and need a little more time to complete their course. We provide this flexibility at h&h because we realise that life is hectic and not everyone can fit their studies in to a certain time frame.;
  • Filing audits for Graduation.
    When our traineeship students graduate, I am responsible for the paperwork and lodging their qualifications with the government and/or appropriate bodies. I also ensure they receive a certificate and a transcript. A transcript is a breakdown of all the units they completed as part of their qualifications.
  • Phone and email enquiries;
    When people call the college to enquire about traineeships I talk them through all the options available to them.
  • Providing units to current students;
    I send students three units at a time to complete. Once they have finished, I will send them another three, until all the units in their traineeship are compelteed and they are qualified and ready to graduate.
  • Resulting and uploading units that have been marked by trainers and;
    When a trainer marks a unit and it is correct, it means the student is competent in that unit. I upload this information to our systems and this is sent to the government or appropriate body who can see how well the student progressing.
  • Supporting my students to ensure they are on track for completion.
    I call, email and do workplace visits to make sure all our trainees are comfortable, confident and coping with their course loadas, and offer help wehre needed.
Q: What is the easiest way to explain a traineeship?


Sarah: It is employer-based training. This means that a student is employed for a specific role, for example, as a childcare worker. At the same time they are studying towards a qualification within that area such as Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. So, it basically means they can continue to work as they study.

Q: Who do you think traineeships are best for?

Sarah: Anyone, no matter what age or background! You can be a school leaver or a mature worker. The idea is to benefit those who are working and want to be able to study at the same time.


Q: What are the benefits?

Sarah: You get to study and obtain a full qualification whilst being employed and gaining experience within your designated field. People who are eligible for traineeships are exempt from payroll tax during the period of study. They also receive incredible support, online and via email, as well as in person. Their trainer/assessor will visit their workplace regularly, depending on the support required, to ensure all is going well. Those eligible for trainees also receive a concession card for travel and discounts from certain vendors or retailers.

Q: How many hours a week does a traineeship involve in terms of study?

Sarah: Trainees are provided with three hours a week in their workplace where they can stop working and study. Outside of these hours an additional 12-15 hours a week (minimum) is required. Tvolves reading, researching and completing the units of each course.

Q: Does a trainee need to attend college?


Sarah:They don’t have to, but we do offer extra support to all trainees. So,they have the opportunity to attend classes during the week or on Saturdays, if they would like.

Q: Where can a traineeship with h&h take you career-wise?

Sarah: It can boost your career path from an entry level position to management or even running your own business. The possibilities are endless. This covers all areas of study that h&h offers, from childcare, disability care, aged care and business. It’s a great way to be paid for work, learn and earn a qualification all at the same time.

Sarah is also undergoing a traineeship in business at h&h!



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