From Malaysia to SSI Childcare Student 

SSI Childcare Student Zety is a mother of one from Malaysia. The 24 year-old came to Australia on a bridging visa through Settlement Students International to study childcare with h&h.

“I initially paid for a student visa to come and study here, as the education system here offers women so much more here. Unfortunately, I paid for the wrong visa, so I had to then pay even more to get a bridging visa to be an SSI Childcare Student. I was happy to do this, as through SSI I was able to sign up to do my  Cert III in Early Childcare and Education with h&h.”

Why I Chose Childcare

“In Malaysia, you aren’t really given many choices as woman to study,” explains Zety. “Childcare wasn’t really an option for me there, but it was what I wanted to do. Childcare is something that I really wanted to do, deep in my heart.”

“I like the course because I want to really look after the children and make a difference. In Malaysia, there seems to be set rules of what to teach children and what paths to guide them on in life, which are very limited. Here in Australia, we can encourage children to follow the path they really want to. If they like drawing, they can draw. If children like a certain subject, we respect that in Australia and encourage them in these areas. I love this, and h&h teaches us the correct way to teach and guide children in this way.”

Why be an SSI Childcare Student with h&h?

“I actually found h&h through a Google search,” reveals Zety. “Then, I researched more and saw that the college was very multi-cultural and inclusive, with people of all kinds of nationalities and religions. That really appealed to me.”

“When I met with them, they explained everything so clearly and it was so welcoming, friendly and supportive. The staff were so encouraging and helpful. I immediately felt I would do well at h&h.”


My Life as an SSI Childcare Student

“I love my course,” says Zety with a big smile. “I love the practical classroom activities, but the theory is really interesting too!”

Her trainer is a highlight too!

“My trainer, Simmy … she knows so much. I think she may have eaten the book! She never reads from the textbook – she knows from her mind and shares from her heart. In other courses, they have just given us papers to read and shown us slides. With Simmy, it comes from her mind and her heart. It is the best course and it has been that way since Day One! It is so good.”

And of course, the h&h community is something that is so very special to Zety. “I have made so many friends here and I love how supportive we are of each other. I couldn’t ask for a better or more inclusive experience!”

My Future

“One day I would love to own my own childcare centre, based on the training from h&h,” says Zety. “There are so many positive people here and so many positive opportunities. h&h is always encouraging its students to do what they love and follow their dreams and I am absolutely going to do that!”.

h&h SSI Childcare Student Zety dreams of opening her own childcare centre one day!