Smart and Skilled

What is Smart and Skilled?

Smart and Skilled is the NSW Government’s reform of vocational education and training across the state. Its purpose is to assist people in NSW to acquire the skills they need to find jobs that offer opportunities for growth in the future, by giving more students access to government subsidised training in priority industry areas. Under Smart and Skilled, the NSW Government will pay part of the student fee on your behalf and all you need to do is pay the balance, which is less than the real price of the qualification.

Which courses are government subsidised in NSW?

Each year, the NSW Government publishes a ‘Skills List’ of the courses that will be subsidised under Smart and Skilled. The NSW Government also determines the fees for all courses on the list. Please refer to the list below for subsidised Smart and Skilled courses offered by h&h.

Courses provided by h&h under Smart and Skilled

– Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
– Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
– Certificate III in Individual Support- ageing and disability specialisation
– Certificate III in Community Services
– Certificate IV in Ageing Support
– Certificate IV in Disability
– Certificate III in Business
– Certificate IV in Business
– Diploma of Business

Are you eligible for Smart and Skilled training?

For new students, you are eligible for training under Smart and Skilled if you are:
– an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder AND
– aged 15 years or older and no longer at school AND
– living or working in New South Wales.
If you meet the above personal eligibility criteria, you can undertake a course offered by h&h, regardless of any previous qualifications you may hold.
Eligibility exceptions
– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students living or working in specified interstate regions closely bordering NSW may also be eligible for training under Smart and Skilled.
Refugees and asylum seekers. On 1 January 2017, changes were made to the eligibility requirements to access fee-free training for qualifications that are on the NSW Skills List (up to Certificate IV level). For more information refer to the Asylum Seekers and Refugees section of the Smart and Skilled website or ask at the college for more information.

View Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy here


How much will I pay?

Fees for Smart and Skilled courses have been set by the NSW Government and will be the same for all NSW training organisations offering government subsidised courses.
Once you are eligible for a subsidised fee, the actual amount you will pay will be determined by:
– which course you choose
– your previous post-school qualifications
– whether you are a trainee
– whether you are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning or credit transfer
To estimate your fee for a particular government subsidised course, click on the price list on the website menu and scroll to your chosen course. You will be able to check how much you will be required to pay, including payment options, before entering the application process.

Exemptions and concessions

Students with a disability or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their dependents may be eligible for fee exemptions when they enrol in Smart and Skilled government subsidised training. Students receiving welfare benefits and the dependents of welfare recipients may be eligible for concession fees for courses up to Certificate IV. See the Smart and Skilled website for fee Exemptions & concessions.

General Student Information

h&h has a range of policies that are important for you to know prior to registering in any course. These policies relate to, among others, your rights and responsibilities as a student, how to enroll in a course, complaints policy, withdrawals/ cancellation and refund policy. For RPL and Credit Transfer, the college will assist you with the process of completing relevant forms and providing the required information to assess your application. You can access and read all the relevant policies on the website.

VET Student Loans

If you are eligible for Smart and Skilled funding, you are able to take out a commonwealth VET student loan to fund your training under Smart and Skilled program. h&h Accredited Training is an approved VET Student Loans provider. You will have to meet all the eligibility for VET Student Loans to access the loan. Please refer to the VET Student Loans section of this website to read more on the program and how you can access it. Additionally, Staff at h&h can help you regarding how you can access the loan.

Consumer protection information

h&h has a consumer protection policy for all students. Please click here for further information. The Government also has a Consumer Protection Strategy to protect your rights. Please click here for more information. Alternatively, you can contact the Department’s customer support Centre on 1300 772 104.

What to do if you want to defer or discontinue your training?

In the case of your wanting to defer or discontinue your studies, h&h has processes and procedures in place to assist you. Please contact h&h office staff who assist you with this process. You will be required to provide a valid reason for wanting to defer or discontinue your studies and staff will discuss any options available to you in this situation. For more information about this please refer to the Cancellation and Refund policy.

Accessing support and assistance during the training

h&h offers the following support and assistance to students during their training in the college:
– Full induction to the college and its facilities on the first day
– Student facilities including a fully equipped kitchen, toilets and well-appointed classrooms
– Support with work experience placement in a suitable organisation
– Trainers and staff speak a variety of languages at the college to support students
– college to support students
– 24-hour turnaround support for all students via email, this includes weekends
– Assistance with interview preparation / resume and cover letter writing
– We provide additional support to students who experience disadvantage, including students with a disability. Please contact the college for further information



How do I enrol in Smart and Skilled?

h&h Accredited Training courses are subsidised by the NSW Government under the Smart and Skilled reform. This means that the government will pay part of the student fee on your behalf, and you pay the balance.
See the steps below on how to enrol in a Smart and Skilled course:

  1. Find a course that you would like to study.
  2. Check the h&h website for course details and entry requirements, including any information session dates. You can also inquire in person at the college. Before enrolling you should also read the Smart and Skilled section of the Student Information Handbook.
  3. The college will verify your eligibility and your student contribution towards the course fees.
  4. When you’re ready to enrol, you’ll need to have your Unique Student Identifier (USI). All government subsidised training is nationally recognised, so you need to have a current USI to enroll.
  5. The college will process your enrolment through State Training Services Online (STS) and issue you with a ‘Notification of Enrolment-student copy’ document. You will also be guided through the college enrolment process and will be required to bring the following documentation:
  • For proof of Australian permanent residency status, you must provide one of these as primary identification:
    – Photo ID Card (Obtained from Roads Maritime Services)
    – Current NSW Drivers license
    – Valid Australian Passport
  •  You must also provide one of the following as secondary identification:
    – Current Medicare card
    – Birth certificate
    At least one form of ID must contain a current NSW address. If not available, an additional form of ID is required i.e. current utility bill, bank statement, Centrelink statement or a statutory declaration.

    6. Once your enrolment is complete, you will be emailed a confirmation booking sheet and provided with a copy of your chosen payment plan.

    If you are not eligible for subsidised training, you can still enrol in the course, but you will need to pay the full fee. For further information about fees for government subsidised and full feepaying courses see our course price list.

For further information refer to the following: or call State Training Services Customer Support Centre on 1300 772 104.

NSW Skills List

h&h Price List