Seamless study on top of everyday life may seem like a challenge. After all, as an adult, you automatically juggle many responsibilities. At any given time, you could have a full or part-time job, the responsibility of running a home, looking after loved ones and/or parenting little ones and of course, bills to pay! All of that is before you’ve even dedicated some essential time to yourself or trying to relax and enjoy some downtime.

If you’re studying as well, you will need to be organised, learn how to recognise things that suck up time and from there, prioritise the activities and tasks that benefit you and move you forward successfully in life.

Where to start? The creator and founder of organisational app Life Sorted, Jo Burgess, is a busy Mum of two and she is here to help!

Jo knows all about being snowed under – it was when she was feeling overwhelmed by adult life that she conceived the idea for the app, which has gone on to be amongst the highest rated family organiser apps now available on the App store.  Life Sorted is designed specifically to reduce stress around scheduling, through increasing productivity and improving communication.

Jo has extended her smarts to sharing with us some amazing tips for seamless study when you’ve got adult or family life to juggle too. She calls it The 4D Framework.

Jo says: “the 4D framework is a simple system that will organise your thoughts and allow you time to process each event, activity or appointment as it occurs. As a new project, appointment or assignment enters your brain inbox, file it immediately by choosing one of these four options:

Seamless Study Tip One – Do it

Priority one! Knock it over straight away. These are events/tasks that you absolutely need to do on the spot. Tick those babies off your list and move on to the next task.

Seamless Study Tip Two – Delegate it

Give it to someone else to do. This applies to household chores or errands. Do you really need to do it, or can you delegate it to someone else in the family/household? If you are feeling swamped and the task is something your partner, child or a friend can handle it, then absolutely pass it on.

Seamless Study Tip Three – Defer it

Does this task need to be done immediately? Or can it wait for another day? If it doesn’t need to be done immediately schedule it into your calendar for a future date so you can deal with it then. Just be sure you do deal with it then – you don’t want anything lagging!

Seamless Study Tip Four – Ditch it

You pretty much know straight away if a task is essential or not. Listen to your instinct. Does it really need to be given your time and attention? No? Then delete, discard or dismiss it. If it isn’t relevant to you or the smooth running of your studies, your life and/or your family, then send it straight to the trash!

And of course, always remember that the staff at h&h is here to help you, should you have any questions about the course you are undertaking, or need help with an assignment, or just a friendly encouraging person to talk through things with. Simply contact us!