Relationships with family members is an integral part of working in the Care Industry. Whether you are studying Early Childhood Education and Care, Care for People Living with Disabilities or Aged Care, building relationships with the family members of those in your care is a vital part of the care process. It is an area that we cover in detail in all our courses at h&h Accredited Training.

Some things you will learn include:

  1. How to encourage participation

    We teach you to encourage families to participate as much as possible in leisure activities. This gives them a sense of involvement and allows them to feel as though they’re spending quality time with their loved one. This is particularly important aspect of caring for people living with disabilities and aged care patients, as their families may often feel at a loss as to how to be involved in their loved one’s life.

  2. How to be welcoming

    You will learn ways to ensure that your space is as welcoming and friendly as possible. This way, if family members have any questions, or need to approach you about anything at all, they don’t feel intimidated. Instead, they feel relaxed and at ease when approaching you.

  3. How to communicate

    We school you in the skills of means and methods of communication. This is very important. We assist you in developing communication skills with people from all walks of life, allowing for diversity, and language and cultural differences. Another wonderful way of relationship building is to invite families to volunteer on excursions, or to assist with fund raising activities.

  4. How to report on progress

    It’s also important to report back to the family members clearly and frequently on the progress and condition of their loved one. If their child learnt something new that day, be sure to let them know with enthusiasm. If a student living with disabilities was able to achieve something that he or she hadn’t previously, share this news with them!  It will undoubtedly raise their spirits. Likewise, if an elderly person in your care has had a particularly good day, tell their family to ensure they are across the situation.

All of this builds trust and respect, something that is core to the care industry and that will ensure you enjoy a long and rewarding career.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact the college at any time!