When did you start working with h&h?

I started working with h&h at the beginning of September 2021 as a Distance Education Trainer and Assessor in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.

What inspired you to start working in the childcare training industry?

Watching my children grow was my inspiration and passion for working in this industry. I believe it’s a privilege to work with children and watch them grow and develop. It’s amazing being able to see the world from their perspective.

Describe your role as a childcare trainer:

As a distance trainer, my role is to mark the students’ assignments, answer their questions and queries, as well as assisting them. I get to share my experience and knowledge, guiding them through their course and observe their new journey.

Why should students’ study with h&h?

h&h is a leading training organisation, delivering quality training. There are professional trainers with many years of experience and knowledge. We have a supportive community here at h&h who support and assist the students as much as we can through the courses.

What advice would you give your students whilst studying?

Set reasonable and obtainable goals for yourself and aim to reach them. Every day comes with the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. I believe, if you can think it, you can achieve it – never give up.

What do you do to maintain mental health and wellness?

To maintain my mental health, I love to spend time with family, fishing, going to the beach, long walks, reading, and meditation. I believe in self-care and doing the things you love and are passionate about.

What is your favourite part of teaching?

Seeing the excitement of the students when they receive their positive feedback. I also love the phone calls with them thanking me and giving me feedback for the guidance and support I provide them. It gives me so much enjoyment working with and mentoring people who have the same level of passion for ECEC as me – socialising and meeting new students with the same interests. I’m passionate about spreading knowledge about this career so guiding and supporting them is definitely one of my favourite aspects!

How did you become a Trainer/Assessor? What led you to this role?

As I have worked in the industry for 8 years, I wanted to share my knowledge. I want to support future leaders, providing them with in-depth understanding and knowledge of the profession. At my previous workplace, I was able to engage with other trainers and spectate how they worked with the trainees – this is what sparked my interest in this field.