Our Team Leader at h&h Accredited Training College is the lovely Sonia Kaur, who has been with us for seven years. Sonia loves coming to work each day, and says, “we have such a great community here at h&h, from the girls at the front reception, to our management team and of course, our wonderful, enthusiastic students!”

Here, we chat to her about her daily life, what she loves most about h&h and what she hopes all students gain after studying with h&h.

Can you describe your typical day?

My day starts with a chat and good bye to my husband and two lovely daughters, then I look forward coming to work with a big smile and positive outlook. I look after a wide range of things at the college, from the daily operations to admin, trainers as well as the students. I have to use my analytical skills and problem-solving ability on daily basis. I rely on these skills to resolve any issues we may be facing and to ensure that my team goes home happy every day. I also make sure that our students are continually satisfied with our service.

What do you love most about coming to work?

h&h is my second home and I have such a sense of belonging here.  My team (mangers, admin, trainers and students) motivate me and support me in my role. The welcoming smile on my teams’ faces makes it a joy to come to work each day.

I love to see my team, students and trainers every day. Our community is so diverse that I learn something new every day. I learn skills from other managers, and I am constantly motivated to polish my existing skills.

As team leader, I also personally meet each student. This provides me an opportunity to work closely with them and to understand their needs, which is very rewarding for me.

And, in our college community, everyone knows me. The familiarity is lovely. I started my career as a childcare trainer at h&h and this has allowed me to give my heart and soul to my role as Team leader.

What is the hardest part of your job?

I absolutely love it when our students graduate, but the hardest part is knowing I may not see them again. Lucky for me, a lot of our graduates re-enrol to further their studies and expand their skills!

Can you reveal a part of your job that people would not expect?

I think most of the people think I just manage the work only. What they don’t know is that I actually perform all the tasks first, before having others do them. Of course, I love this, but it does become time consuming when you are a perfectionist like I am.

Why do you think people should study with h&h?

h&h has a diverse team, and everyone is ready to support the students. We have an open communication policy where students can come and discuss anything with us at any time.  h&h provides different modes of study, suitable to individual student needs. h&h has a great reputation in the industry, and we work closely with different facilities and childcare centres such as Reggio Emila in Parramatta. Moreover, we celebrate each student’s success as our success – with a cake!

What do you hope your students gain from their studies at h&h (aside from qualifications, of course!)?

Our students develop self confidence and learn to reflect on their practices in personal and professional life. They are equipped with knowledge to start working in the relevant industry.

What advice would you give to people who are studying any of your courses?

We are here for you to accomplish your goal to attain the qualification and we will support you all the way in doing this. Communication is the key to succeed.