Our Staff

We pride ourselves on our welcoming and inclusive approach to all members of the wider community.

The staff at h&h Accredited Training provide an encouraging and supportive role to our students, as we strive to deliver a quality, holistic education.

All staff invest their time, energy and skills into creating a learning environment that is safe and supportive of each person learning with h&h.

The College invests in extensive Professional Learning opportunities for staff to maintain their currency and develop their skills in delivering a contemporary and relevant curriculum to the students of h&h Accredited Training.


Susan Ellis-Hill

Chief Executive Officer

“h&h is a family business which was commenced by my husband, Ray Hill, and I in 1994. Ray recognised the need for an innovative approach to vocational training in our community; and using our proficiency and experience in business, we focused on the development of competencies in people from NESB and long-term unemployed backgrounds, developing skills that would lead to employment. My career has always been in a people orientated arena, having gained my degree in Human Resources in the mid-1980s, and working in recruitment for many years. During this period I had my own recruitment consultancy, and was on the board of various recruitment initiatives. I have a thorough understanding of career development needs, and have served on government committees that helped establish the training services being delivered in our community.”

Kate Lovett

General Manager

“I have been working with h&h for 20 years. My journey started as a part time administration assistant while raising my children. My roles over time have included the Team Leader, Training Manager and Business Development Manager. I am currently leading this amazing team as the General Manager. I am the daughter of the CEO (Susan) and very proud to have my daughter (Olivia) working in the organisation as well. It truly is a family business. Throughout my years with h&h I have completed 8 Diploma qualifications, several Certificate III and IV courses and plenty of workshops. Within my role, I believe it is important to stay current in many aspects of education so I can have a true insight into how students are supported throughout their journey. I enjoy watching students grow, while developing their skills and more importantly confidence. I am fortunate to be part of graduations, enrolments and activities throughout a persons time with h&h. It is an absolute honour to be in this role.”

Chris Morris

Accounts Manager

“I have 25 years of customer service experience running my own business. I have developed relationships with a variety of businesses and their staff. In previous roles I have delivered programs to groups of unemployed youth and teams of trainees in programs involving hands on projects across Sydney. I am very motivated to work within the education space and maintain the quality training h&h provides.”

Sandra Matimati


“I joined h&h in 2016 as an Accounts Officer after completing the Masters in Professional Accounting degree from the University of Newcastle. I was given the opportunity to take up the Accountant position in 2017 and this has been my life since then. I’m always ready to answer any questions with regards to your fees, payment plans, account balances and I love my job.”

Werner Strauss

Compliance Manager

“I started with h&h in March 2021, currently teaching Business and Community Services. I am also involved in developing the online (canvas) content. I’ve been involved in the VET industry since 2008 in Sydney (and a short period in Brisbane) in various roles. My background is in Psychology & Sociology, Business, Leadership and Management and Marketing.”

Sarah Meredith

Executive Assistant

“I started with h&h in 2017 as a Coordinator and slowly moved around the company learning new roles and areas of the business with a focus on administration and Traineeship. Currently, my role of Executive Assistant is focusing on overseeing the administration department and providing support to the General Manager. I’ve recently completed my Diploma in Business and currently working towards my double Diploma of Leadership and Management.”


Aaron Premia

Academic Consultant

“As an academic consultant I work very closely with students helping them choose the best course suits their interests. On choosing the course I assist the student through the enrolment process. A part of my job profile would be Business development as well. Where I am constantly researching business who have similar goals in interest to Job seekers and students for upskilling. Traineeship has been an addition recently, which required me to meet existing clients and possible trainees interested in enrolling into Traineeship to further their growth in the industry. My back ground is in Bachelors and Master’s in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.”

Sarika Biswas

Quality Assurance Officer

“I joined h&h in 2019 (First job in Australia ),after moving from India and I love being a part of this company. I previously worked in the Education sector, after completing my Bachelor of Education. I’m currently studying Certificate IV in Business Administration as a traineeship. I love being able to enjoy my hobbies of hiking and travelling around this beautiful country and spending free time with friends and family.”

Mollie Werch

Traineeship Coordinator

“I started with h&h in 2020 as the Traineeship Coordinator. In 2016 I completed my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care as a trainee. The last few years I have moved into administration roles where I discovered my talent for organisation, and rules and regulations. My current role involves supporting students, their supervisors and trainers throughout the lifecycle of the trainee – from enrolment to receiving their certificate. I am currently enrolled as a trainee myself, studying a Certificate IV in Business under the New Entrant Traineeship. Along with the h&h trainers, I manage over 150 trainees.”

Kayla Saliba

Distance Coordinator

“I started with h&h in September 2020 as an Online Course Administrator and then moved into my current role as Distance Coordinator. I support the trainers and students in distance education, updating students results and holding new student inductions. I have just enrolled in Diploma of Business with h&h and I am looking forward to updating my skills and education.”

Marriah Hopper

Online Consultant

“I started at h&h in 2018 as a casual receptionist. I worked my way up to part-time then to fulltime I then moved on to become the distance coordinator from this position I have taken my knowledge that I have learnt and moved into another new role as online support, I have learnt a lot since working at h&h in the administrative side and look forward to learning more within this company.”

Gurmeet Kaur Bhullar

Accounts and Administration Assistant

“I started with h&h in 2019 in part time Administration and slowly moved in my current role as Accounts and Administration Assistant. My responsibilities and duties include providing administrative support for Student Enrolments, Student Financial Administration, and Auditing and Printing Academic Certificates.. I’ve recently completed my Certificate III in Business and am now enrolled in Diploma in Business.”

Megan Cataldo


“I started at h&h in July 2020 and currently work on front reception where I assist with incoming enquires and enrolments. Prior to joining h&h I completed a Business Administration Traineeship and continued on to work in various administration roles with a Finance background. I am now currently enrolled as a trainee with h&h Accredited Training to complete my Diploma of Business and I really look forward to learning more within my current role while being a part of a friendly and supportive team.”

Teju Settigari


“I am currently studying Bachelor of Interior Architecture at UTS. I started at h&h in July 2019 as a casual in the Administration team, working 2 days a week during university semesters. I work as a Receptionist and do other Administration work. I really enjoying coming into work as the staff here are lovely and make it enjoyable. Before working at h&h I was working as a Dance teacher at an Indian dance place. At the age of 6 I have started learning ‘Kathak’ an Indian dance form.”

Amber-Leigh Sanders

Business Admin Trainee

“I started with h&h in November 2020 under a Certificate III in Business Traineeship as a Business Admin Trainee. This is my first Full Time Job and I am learning so much about administration and the RTO background. I look forward to completing my Traineeship and will hopefully further my studies. My role involves assisting the admin teams to provide support in their roles.“

Grace Bunt

Business Admin Trainee

“Hi I’m Grace! I started with hnh in May 2021. I’m currently a Business Admin Trainee completing my certificate III in Business. I have a business savvy mindset thus I enjoy embarking on business and office roles. I have a creative mindset and enjoy all things design! I assist the admin team along with the creative aspect of hnh, such as posters, labels and job boards.”

Our Trainers

Early Childhood Education and Care

Ann Fauchon

“I have worked in Early Childhood since 2008 I started as a trainee and worked my way up to Diploma. I have been with h&h since the start of 2020.”

Rozina Amlani

"I started as a Trainer and Assessor in Early Childhood Education and Care with h&h Training in August 2015. I am passionate in facilitating students in the Vet sector in the ECEC industry as I like to see them pursue their career with confidence and enthusiasm. I have more than 10 years of experience with working in the long day care centre as an educator. The experience gained from the industry assists me in making my classroom teaching alive with practical examples and wealth of knowledge. I am proud of being part of the h&h team as I have always seen this college supporting the needs of the students and deliver quality training to prepare them for the real world with skills, knowledge and confidence."

Aparna Settigari

“In 2007 I started my career by completing Certificate III in Early childhood education and care through h&h. I started to work as a trainer and assessor in 2014 and later in 2018 I started to work at h&h. I take teaching as my passion as I really enjoy passing my 10 years of experience to my students. I try my very best everyday to provide all my knowledge and skills to my students for their better understanding. I enjoy working at h&h as everyone is very supportive and lovely.”

Andrea Jendruch

“I believe children are our future and I have been fortuned to grow with children over 9 years. This amazing experience allowed me to open own Family Day Care and followed my dreams. My passion and love to the Childhood industry brought me to share my knowledge and allowing me to pursue your dreams.”

Rimpreet Bedi

“I’ve been a Trainer & Assessor ECEC for the last eight years working with h&h . I have slowly moved as Business trainer from last two years . My background is Bachelor of commerce and Bachelor of Education. I was a high school Economics and Statistics teacher back in India . I have started my career in Childcare when I first arrived in Australia in 2008 and enjoyed working with children of all different age groups. Teaching is my passion, and it motivates to teach me in Vocational education training sector where I can train students to teach in childcare.”

Mirna Al-Gharib

“I am an Early Childhood trainer and assessor, I have been with h&h since 2018, I have delivered training and assessment for both cert III and Diploma Qualifications. I have been an ECEC Trainer and Assessor for eight years. I have delivered and assessed various mode of learning and provided various learning support to many students, staff and co-workers in the industry.”

Natalie Lay

“I am an Early Childhood trainer and assessor, I have started my journey with h&h since March 2021. I have been in the ECEC industry for over 7 years now working in a variety of centres. I am a strong advocate for the early childhood industry and passionate early childhood educator. I believe we are all lifelong learners, and I enjoy mentoring and inspiring others about the importance of the early years!”

Hema Patkar

“My journey at h&h began back in 2015, as a student, to study Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I received my completion certificate in 2016. While studying diploma, I had hoped that sometime in future I would love to work as a trainer and inspire lives, as teaching has always been my passion. In this journey, I have now started working as a casual distance trainer and assessor”

Sonia Arora

“I am a casual trainer and assessor with h&h. I started my journey as a Certificate III trainee. My quest for learning led me to complete Diploma, Bachelor of teaching in Early childhood and Certificate IV in training and assessment. After 7 years of working in Early childhood industry in many roles such as trainee, assistant educator, room leader, Educational leader, Assistant Director, and Director, it was time for me to share my experience with individuals willing to pursue study and role in early childhood Industry. So, here I am sharing my knowledge and expertise with future educators.”

Geeta Luthra

“I started my journey with h&h in 2016 and later in 2020 as a casual Trainer and Assessor for a Saturday Diploma class while working in an exceeding rated long day-care centre during the week. I am an Early Childhood teacher and have been in the ECEC industry for over 10 years. I have worked in a variety of roles, I gained extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which I want to impart onto my students at h&h. I have passion for teaching and love watching students grow, while developing their skills, knowledge and confidence by engaging in a variety of activities in class and supporting them develop as future industry leaders.”

Monil Lamba

"I started teaching at h&h in 2021 and is teaching Certificate III & Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, as part of the Distance Education Team. I was a student at h&h in 2009 to start my ECEC learning journey, since graduating in 2009 I have 11 years experience working in the Childcare Industry. I am extremely excited to be furthering my knowledge and assisting students to achieve their goals."

Aged Care / Disability

Mehul Dudhela

“I am aged care trainer and assessor, started working in h&h in late 2020. I have strong medical and nursing background with specialisation in aged care. I have completed my graduate diploma in nursing with specialisation in aged care and worked in hospitals and nursing home since 2012. During my career in nursing and mental health in Australia, I always wanted to get into teaching, as it is my passion to teach and share my updated knowledge. I always cater my teaching style to support all learner with different learning capabilities.”

Olivia Brettle

“I started as a support worker at the age of 18 with a Certificate III in Ageing Support and Disability. I worked in nursing homes and looked after high dependent clients in their homes for 6 years. I started with h&h Training in early 2020, I wanted to be a youthful trainer and pursue my passion of people through teaching and learning. My motivation is the smile and gratefulness of students who feel accomplished in their learning.”

Rupali Hinge

“Last year I joined h&h as a Trainer and Assessor. Teaching is my passion. I am a registered nurse at Westmead Hospital in North West Sydney and have been working in the nursing industries for over 8 years. One of the main roles of the Registered Nurse is to prevent spread of infection in the hospital settings. I am a hand hygiene auditor in the hospital. I have completed different courses of infection control such as Infection Prevention and Control Practices, Waste Management, Principles of infection prevention and Control and many more. I have been teaching Infection Control Training for the last 6 months and I feel Infection control is a crucial aspect of the health system.”

First Aid

Eddie Idik

“Eddie has taught first aid at h&h Accredited Training since 2012. He has a background in emergency management including paramedical, emergency response and security operations. Eddie describes his teaching style as energetic, interactive and engaging. He considers himself an easy going trainer, but will put you under pressure to be the best you can be! Eddie loves to see his students have the confidence to help an injured person or child, and it keeps him motivated when he gets feedback from his students on what they’ve learned. If he could give his students one piece of advice, it would be that first aid is a life skill, not just a qualification.”

Business / Community Services

Werner Strauss

“I started with h&h in March 2021, currently teaching Business and Community Services. I am also involved in developing the online (canvas) content. I’ve been involved in the VET industry since 2008 in Sydney (and a short period in Brisbane) in various roles. My background is in Psychology & Sociology, Business, Leadership and Management and Marketing.”

Olivia Brettle

“I started as a support worker at the age of 18 with a Certificate III in Ageing Support and Disability. I worked in nursing homes and looked after high dependent clients in their homes for 6 years. I started with h&h Training in early 2020, I wanted to be a youthful trainer and pursue my passion of people through teaching and learning. My motivation is the smile and gratefulness of students who feel accomplished in their learning.”