Our Staff – Trainers

Early Childhood Education and Care

Ann Fauchon

“I have worked in Early Childhood since 2008 I started as a trainee and worked my way up to Diploma.  I have been with h&h since the start of 2020.”

Best study tip –  One hour per day of study in your chosen field is all it takes. One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your goal.  



Mirna Al-Gharib

“I am an Early Childhood trainer and assessor, I have been with h&h since 2018, I have delivered training and assessment for both cert III and Diploma Qualifications.
I have been an ECEC Trainer and Assessor for eight years. I have delivered and assessed various mode of learning and provided various learning support to many students, staff and co-workers in the industry.”

Best study tips – Study everyday, Plan time for study, Important to discover our learning style, Reviewing and revising our study, Taking breaks, Asking for help, Staying motivated



Rimpreet Bedi

“I’ve been a Trainer & Assessor ECEC for the last eight years  working with h&h . I have slowly moved as Business trainer from last two years . My background is Bachelor of commerce and Bachelor of Education.  I was a high school Economics and Statistics teacher back in India . I  have started my career in Childcare when I first arrived in Australia in 2008 and enjoyed working with children of all different age groups.  Teaching is my passion, and it motivates to teach me in Vocational education training sector where I can train students to teach in childcare.”

Best study tip – Be a keen learner, accept new challenges and grow professionally and personally to achieve your goals. 


Andrea Jendruch

“I believe children are our future and I have been fortuned to grow with children over 9 years. This amazing experience allowed me to open own Family Day Care and followed my dreams. My passion and love to the Childhood industry brought me to share my knowledge and allowing me to pursue your dreams.”

Best study tip – Follow your heart and do what you love.



Rozina Amlani

“I started as a  Trainer and Assessor in Early Childhood  Education and Care with h&h Training in August 2015. I am passionate in facilitating students in the Vet sector in the ECEC industry as I like to see them pursue their career with confidence and enthusiasm.
I have more than 10 years of experience with working in the long day care centre as an educator. The experience gained from the industry assists me in making my classroom teaching alive with practical examples and wealth of knowledge.
I am proud of being part of the h&h team as I have always seen this college supporting the needs of the students and deliver quality training to prepare them for the real world with skills, knowledge and confidence.
One of the tip to my students during the induction is that I encourage students to sit next to someone from different cultural and linguistic background to get motivated to speak in English and build networking.”

Best study tip – Make education as Life Long Learning and contribute your knowledge to our children who are future leaders. 


Sherin Nurani

“I am an Early Childhood trainer and assessor and have been with h&h since October 2019. Mentoring has always been my passion. I really like to shape the leaders of tomorrow, and as a trainer I impart all the knowledge related to childcare and the skills that are required to be in the childcare industry.”

 Best study tip- Nothing will work unless you do.


Simmy Goyal

“I have been teaching since 2016, in different CRIOCOS. I started with h&h in May 2018. I enjoy teaching, this career is my passion. Before migrating to Australia, I was a lecturer back in India too. I love to see my students growing and getting successes in their jobs.”

Best study tip – Never Give up: Winners never quit, and quitters never win.


Olive Miralles

“My journey as a certified Trainer and Assessor began many years ago. My role and responsibilities included managing, exhibiting skills and knowledge, and teaching my expertise on Early Childhood Education and Care to our new budding educators. The most interesting part of being an h&h employee, is being able to polish and enhance my craft as a Trainer Assessor each day as I exhibit my role. I am primarily responsible to deliver good education to my distance students pursuing the qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care and classroom training sessions on Saturdays. We, in h&h believe in providing the best and I am always thriving to do the same.”

Best Study Tip – ‘LIFE’ is just once. We do not know the NEXT until we want to REACH it. If you need to do it, YOU MUST DO IT – NEVER LOOK BACK and it’s all with a RAY OF HOPE.


Aparna Settigari

“In 2007 I started my career by completing Certificate III in Early childhood education and care through h&h. I started to work as a trainer and assessor in 2014 and later in 2018 I started to work at h&h. I take teaching as my passion as I really enjoy passing my 10 years of experience to my students. I try my very best everyday to provide all my knowledge and skills to my students for their better understanding. I enjoy working at h&h as everyone is very supportive and lovely.”

Best study tip – Never give up, keep trying and always try to stay motivated! 


Hema Patkar

“My journey at h&h began back in 2015, as a student, to study Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I received my completion certificate in 2016. While studying diploma, I had hoped that sometime in future I would love to work as a trainer and inspire lives, as teaching has always been my passion. In this journey, I have now started working as a casual distance trainer and assessor”

Best study tip – perseverance followed by passion makes studying satisfying and joyous.


Sonia Arora

“I am a casual trainer and assessor with h&h. I started my journey as a Certificate III trainee. My quest for learning led me to complete Diploma,  Bachelor of teaching in Early childhood and Certificate IV in training and assessment. After 7 years of working in Early childhood industry in many roles such as trainee, assistant educator, room leader, Educational leader, Assistant Director, and Director, it was time for me to share my experience with individuals willing to pursue study and role in early childhood Industry. So, here I am sharing my knowledge and expertise with future educators.”

Best Study Tip – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No question is a silly question. In fact, when you ask questions, you not only clarify your doubt or initiate new discussion, but also help many others, who do not feel confident at asking.



Aged Care/Disability

Marinela (Nelly) Clarke

“I started to work for h&h College at the beginning of 2020 as distance education Trainer, and Class room delivery for Aged Care & Disability Courses. I have over 20 years nursing  experience in Hospital settings & Age Care Facilities/Mental Health.
I follow up with students who need support in order to maintain qualitative education experience,
Engage the students during the sessions through creative activities and programs in order to deliver qualitative learning experience,
Support students with learning difficulty and special needs to ensure they complete the course adequately.”

Best study tip – Believe you can and you are half way there!



Olivia Brettle

“I am the daughter of the General Manager and the CEO’s granddaughter. I began with h&h in November 2019 doing scanning whilst nursing. A few short months later I decided the office environment was super friendly and possibly was a path I would enjoy. I took the chance and gained my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, I assist in Aged Care and Disability Distance Education. My full time role is Course Coordinator, I create the classes making sure everything runs smoothly for face-to-face classes at the college. I love my job and the team I work in.”

Best study tip – Keep going…

Mehul Dudhela

“I am aged care trainer and assessor, started working in h&h in late 2020. I have strong medical and nursing background with specialisation in aged care. I have completed my graduate diploma in nursing with specialisation in aged care and worked in hospitals and nursing home since 2012.  During my career in nursing and mental health in Australia, I always wanted to get into teaching, as it is my passion to teach and share my updated knowledge. I always cater my teaching style to support all learner with different learning capabilities.”

Best study tip –  Stay focused on your goals and always show passion for what you do !



Aged Care

Rupali Hinge

“Last year I joined h&h as a Trainer and Assessor. Teaching is my passion.  I am a registered nurse at Westmead Hospital in North West Sydney and have been working in the nursing industries for over 8 years.  One of the main roles of the Registered Nurse is to prevent spread of infection in the hospital settings. I am a hand hygiene auditor in the hospital. I have completed different courses of infection control such as Infection Prevention and Control Practices, Waste Management, Principles of infection prevention and Control and many more.
I have been teaching Infection Control Training for the last 6 months and I feel Infection control is a crucial aspect of the health system.”

Best study tip – Always study what you are passionate about. It makes a difference in others lives.



First Aid

Eddie Idik

Eddie has taught first aid at h&h Accredited Training since 2012. He has a background in emergency management including paramedical, emergency response and security operations. Eddie describes his teaching style as energetic, interactive and engaging. He considers himself an easy going trainer, but will put you under pressure to be the best you can be!
Eddie loves to see his students have the confidence to help an injured person or child, and it keeps him motivated when he gets feedback from his students on what they’ve learned. If he could give his students one piece of advice, it would be that first aid is a life skill, not just a qualification.

Best study tip – Great things never come from comfort zones.