Our Staff – Managerial

Chief Executive Officer – Susan Ellis-Hill

“h&h is a family business which was commenced by my husband, Ray Hill, and I in 1994. Ray recognised the need for an innovative approach to vocational training in our community; and using our proficiency and experience in business, we focused on the development of competencies in people from NESB and long-term unemployed backgrounds, developing skills that would lead to employment. My career has always been in a people orientated arena, having gained my degree in Human Resources in the mid-1980s, and working in recruitment for many years. During this period I had my own recruitment consultancy, and was on the board of various recruitment initiatives. I have a thorough understanding of career development needs, and have served on government committees that helped establish the training services being delivered in our community.”

Best study tip – Believe in your abilities; if you think you can achieve it, you will!

General Manager – Kate Lovett

“I have been working with h&h for 20 years. My journey started as a part time administration assistant while raising my children.
My roles over time have included the Team Leader, Training Manager and Business Development Manager. I am currently leading this amazing team as the General Manager.
I am the daughter of the CEO (Susan) and very proud to have my daughter (Olivia) working in the organisation as well. It truly is a family business.
Throughout my years with h&h I have completed 8 Diploma qualifications, several Certificate III and IV courses and plenty of workshops. Within my role, I believe it is important to stay current in many aspects of education so I can have a true insight into how students are supported throughout their journey. I enjoy watching students grow, while developing their skills and more importantly confidence.  I am fortunate to be part of graduations, enrolments and activities throughout a persons time with h&h.
It is an absolute honour to be in this role.”

Best study tip – Choose a certain block of time each week that all your friends and family know you are unavailable (busy studying) and stick to this time throughout your studies. Mine has always been Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.


Solutions Manager – Michelle Huntington

“I joined h&h in 2020 after 21 years in Aviation as a Pilot and Flight Instructor. Prior to this, I completed a BA in Visual Arts, an MA in Archaeology and a Diploma in Aviation.
My role as Solutions Manager utilises the skills and training I developed as an Airline Pilot, consisting of strategic planning, and continual business and staff development and improvement. My typical day ranges from online course creation, implementation and staff training to graphic design, customer liaison and project management.
I enjoy the diversity of my role, and the staff and students within h&h.”

Best study tip – Break study down to bite size chunks of 15-20 minutes. It better to be completely focused for a short time, than to struggle distractedly for an hour (or more).



Compliance Manager – Sean Le

Compliance Manager with more than 3 decades in VET.
“Believe and trust that being religiously compliant would make quality training achieved”

Best study tip – As a student, you have the right to ask for answers and to ask is your responsibility.



Accounts Manager – Chris Morris

“I have 25 years of customer service experience running my own business.  I have developed relationships with a variety of businesses and their staff.
In previous roles I have delivered programs to groups of unemployed youth and teams of trainees in programs involving hands on projects across Sydney.
I am very motivated to work within the education space and maintain the quality training h&h provides.”

Best study tip – Study with the understanding to teach a child.

Accountant – Sandra Matimati

“I joined h&h in 2016 as an Accounts Officer after completing the  Masters in Professional Accounting degree from the University of Newcastle. I was given the opportunity to take up the Accountant position in 2017 and this has been my life since then. I’m always ready to answer any questions with regards to your fees, payment plans, account balances and I love my job.”

Best study tip – Never give up, keep trying, you can do it!!