When did you start working with h&h? 

I started my career as a Trainer and Assessor with h&h in August 2015. My career started as a casual trainer, working two days a week. 


What inspired you to start working in the childcare training industry? 

I have had a passion since a young age to work with children. After completing my Diploma in Montessori Education in India, I pursued my qualifications in Australia and worked fulltime with children in the LDC (Long Day Care Centre). Once I gained enough experience with children, I wished to share my skills and knowledge with others. This is what led me to work in the training industry. 


Describe your role as a childcare trainer 

Being a Classroom Trainer in ECEC, I deliver the units in an interactive manner to ensure maximum participation from the students. My delivery consists of groupwork, role plays, videos, scenarios and practical demonstrations. I ensure to cater to all of my students to suit their learning style. Upon the completion of the unit, I mark their assessments for competency. Towards the end, I also visit the students to assess their practical skills and knowledge at their Work Placement Centre. From the time of induction to receiving their Certificates, my role is supporting the students in their path of study via phone calls, emails or face to face training. 

Why should students’ study with h&h? 

I believe h&h training is one of the training institutes whose primary goal is quality assurance and student’s maximum satisfaction. In my 6 years of working at the college, I would strongly promote studying with us because the students receive support right from enrolment and throughout the course. The staff and entire team is very friendly and supportive. The trainers are qualified, approachable and aim to deliver the knowledge and skills required by the industry. Many children’s services have h&h students working on permanent to casual basis at various positions. Lastly, h&h is where they have a multicultural environment, and everyone is always respected. 


What advice would you give your students whilst studying 

Being fortunate to pursue their career in Early Childhood, I advise them to take the maximum benefit of their studies by participating in the classroom discussions and asking questions. Classroom gives the students the opportunity to improve their English by interacting with trainers and classmates thus gaining confidence required in the real world. Asking questions assist in their thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. I always tell the students to implement BEST PRACTICES in their work and be a positive role model for the children and others in the community. 

What do you do to maintain mental health and wellness? 

Personally, I believe in practicing mindfulness to take care of my physical and mental wellbeing. I believe ‘Mindfulness’ is the key ingredient to self-contentment and staying healthy. According to me, MINDFULNESS is a BALANCE between BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.  

To achieve BALANCE, I,

Go for a walks while listening to music / positive talk for motivation (BODY) 

Self- reflection and engage in voluntary work to share my skills and knowledge regularly to use my (MIND) and keep active. 

Practice meditation everyday early in the morning (SPIRIT) 

Overall, I believe having a sense of gratitude (feeling grateful for what you have) makes you HAPPY. 


What does a usual day at work look like for you? 

Being a classroom trainer, most of the days are at the college delivering units to the students in the classroom and supporting them with their queries.  


What is your favourite part of teaching? 

I enjoy every bit of classroom teaching. When I give real-life examples in the classroom and have discussions around it, it helps students to visualise and make connections. This boosts their confidence for better learning. I feel very rewarded when students are confident with the necessary tools required to be a good role model thus making an impact on the lives of children.


How did you become a Trainer/Assessor? What led you to this role? 

I would say that destiny led me to reach this level. I have been teaching secondary students and adult groups in my community and students always give feedback that I was very passionate and dedicated in my work. However, during my maternity leave, I pursued TAFE courses online and got the first break in h&h. Since then, I have grown and learnt from other trainers, students and upskilled my knowledge and skills. 


What is the most creative thing you’ve done with your classes? 

One of the creative activities I usually carry out in Certificate III qualification is having a practical experience day at the college where students get an opportunity to ‘be a CHILD’ and partake in various art and craft experiences, drawing and painting through various mediums like string and leaf painting, wet chalk drawing, etc. I also bring resources to show them how to setup various activities in an aesthetic and welcoming manner, different props like felt stories, as well as puppets to make the group time fun and enticing for children.