Our Aged Care trainer here at h&h Accredited Training is the wonderful Ty Sengmany. Ty’s background is in nursing. He has worked in hospitals and aged care facilities as a Registered Nurse. Now, he is really enjoying teaching h&h students Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

How did you come to be working as an Aged Care Trainer with h&h Accredited Training?

A: I saw a job advertised and I knew I met the criteria, so I applied. I knew that h&h had been running for a long time, had a great reputation and ran respected, nationally recognised courses and qualifications.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your career history?

A: I started working in hospitals in health services as a Registered Nurse and then I was a trainer and assessor at a university. Now, I am at h&h and as a trainer. You can find me in the classroom a lot, but I also go on site visits when students have their mandatory clinical work placements with our partner business like Fresh Hope Care in Pendle Hill, Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged in Earlwood and Abel Tasman Aged Care Facility in Chester Hill. I also visit students who are undergoing Traineeships and I have some wonderful Distance Students.

Q: As an Aged Care trainer, what do you feel is the most important piece knowledge and set of skills you can give to your students?

A: It’s important that I teach them the mandatory course requirements, but on top of this I like that I can bring the knowledge that I have gained from past years in different capacities and as a Registered Nurse to the classroom.

Q: What was it that drew you to this line of work? Why did you want to be an Aged Care trainer?

A: I have a passion to educate the new students to fulfil their dreams of becoming an Aged Care worker, or perhaps even a trainer, like me! I want to educate the next generation of carers and trainers.

Originally though, I just liked caring for people. This is what the industry is all about. It is so important to give back to the elderly community, and it feels amazing to do so. My grandparents brought me up and looked after me. This taught me to bring this level of care back to those in the aged community and pay them the same respects. I believe most of our students here at h&h wish to follow the same path.

Q: What do you love about working at h&h?

A: Firstly, the amount of support I receive from management, including General Manager Kate and Team Leader, Sonia! I haven’t seen this level of support in any other workplace before. They are so thorough. If anyone comes to them with a question, or anxiety about anything, they will go through all concerns from start to finish. They clearly let you know what to expect and how to handle things. The support is unbelievable.

Q: Carers by nature are so supportive and giving. What do you do to practice self-care?

A: If I get stressed or overwhelmed, I like to take a bit of breather. I will stop and have a cup of tea or go for a long walk. I also discuss things with my colleagues. We get together and de-brief about our days and we swap stories on how we cope and de-stress. Time management is also very important. Then, on the weekends, I go out with friends, have a picnic in the park, or stay home relax with a Netflix binge!

Q: Can you describe your typical day?

A: It begins by planning for my classes in the morning. I put up a lesson plan, which outlines what I will discuss in class and the objectives I want to meet.

There is a lot of face to face interaction with classes – going through power points, videos, assessments and marking assessment work, as well as providing any support or clarification my students need.

Q: What is an aspect of your job that people might not expect?

A: People might think this is a 9-5 job, but there is a lot of work outside of classes. I always tell my students that they can email me at any time for support. They can also stay back if they need help or support and I will guide them.

Q: What brings you the greatest joy in your role at h&h?

A: Seeing my students succeed! I love seeing them gain the knowledge and qualifications in their course. It is even more enjoyable when I see them use those skills and that knowledge in the Aged Care industry! It is amazing to see their confidence and to watch them use the techniques we have taught them at h&h. This is my aim – to pass the knowledge and the confidence on to others who can then continue this important and rewarding work in our community.

I often have students contacting me once they are first entering the workplace. They may call me from time to time if they are handling new scenarios for the first time. I love being on call to help them navigate their first weeks or months of employment. It is so nice seeing them grow and progress.

Q: Why would you encourage students to study Aged Care with h&h?

A: h&h has the best support network to provide students with the right knowledge and skills. It is so well respected in the care industry and the staff are still actually working in the industry. H&h also has all the right equipment in terms of beds mannequins and a proper clinical base, so students don’t’ miss any of the important aspects of their course.

Q: Working as an Aged Carer is not an easy job – it takes a special kind of person. What traits do you feel people require to be really great aged care workers?

A: They need to have a passion in the area and truly want to look after an aged care resident. A caring nature is really important, too. People need to have a loving and caring nature towards our aged community in order to the job properly. We want aged carers to be aware that we need to respect our senior citizens and also learn from them. They have been here longer than us. They have so much knowledge and we can learn so many incredible things from them. You also need to be patient with them, as they may be slow in moving or speaking. You do need to be very patient in that respect.

Q: How do you provide support and preparation for your students for the times the job becomes difficult, for example, if they form a bond with someone in the care who passes away?

A: We call this debriefing. We sit down and have an informal discussion of the situation. I tell them it is normal, and they should expect this to happen. It is important to communicate to our students what to expect when they enter the workplace, so we do arm them with this knowledge during the course of their studies. We provide a lot of emotional support as well, as it might be the first time for them. If they have a bond with a resident who passes, we are here to show emotional support for them.

Q: What do you hope your students gain from their time at h&h (aside from their qualifications)?

A: I hope they have a wonderful study experience here at h&h and that they get the most knowledge they can. The aim is for them to enjoy their study while at the same time achieving their goals and becoming skilled in the Aged Care field. I also hope they say I have been a good trainer and want to come back to learn more! I have some students in my classes that re-enrol to progress to do further study, which is always a good thing. It means that we are doing the right thing here at h&h. We are achieving our goals and meeting their expectations!

Q: What advice would you give to any potential aged care students?

A: If they are passionate about Aged Care, or thinking about a care role, then definitely enrol with h&h! They will find unrivalled support and guidance in gaining the knowledge and skills required.

If you want to learn more about studying with h&h, please contact us!