In this blog, we sit down with our Coordinator, Mollie who gives us insight to her studies whilst living amongst the pandemic. This explores not only Mollie’s passion for upskilling but also her work.

“A need to Upskill”

From a very young age, I have been inspired by amazing working women, many of which have worked full time, cared for young children, and managed to study at the same time. If they can do it, I can do it!

During 2020, when the first COVID-19 lockdown was occurring, I came across challenges within my role and potential roles that could only be fixed with one thing, upskilling.

I’ve always had a need to learn, to understand, to better myself and to be challenged. Prior to 2020, I was challenged by a brilliant manager who always encouraged me to push myself to achieve my best outcomes within our workplace. She would say ‘I can push you into the deep end and know that you will swim’. Unfortunately, I was never that good at inspiring myself to step out of my comfort zone… But that soon changed.

When the first lockdown hit in 2020, it was clear to me that I needed to upskill in order to improve my employability and to nurture the scary but exciting need I had to learn. Upon joining h&h Accredited Training, I was introduced to a wealth of knowledge regarding traineeships, specifically the New Entrant Scheme. Identifying that I was eligible, I approached my manager to discuss the opportunity to enrol into the Certificate IV in Business as a traineeship student.

During my studies, I was able to reflect on past and present workplace experiences that assisted me in answering knowledge-based questions. I was able to apply and develop my administration skills to practical tasks within the assessments and bring the knowledge I was gaining into my role.

My manager guided me in being accountable within my studies. I would report to her often to let her know that I would have a unit of competency finished by the next week, putting pressure on myself to succeed and live up to the expectations I/we had set. This accountability allowed me to achieve my qualification within a set timeframe and move onto other exciting achievements.

I may be a little bias, but the assistance and encouragement I received from Trainers and Assessors within h&h Accredited Training was truly inspiring. So much so that I am currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment thanks to the funding I received under Skilling for Recovery.

Planning to finish this qualification in March 2022, my hope is to be just as passionate, patient and encouraging as they are with their students. I am constantly inspired by the community within h&h Accredited Training – always celebrating each other’s achievements and pushing each other to be our best selves.

I am currently undertaking the exciting opportunity to be a ‘cheerleader’ for others within my organisation, mentoring them on their study journey and pushing them to succeed as my past and present managers have done for me.

As my knowledge within the industry grows, I am constantly educating my family, friends and potential students on what opportunities are available to them due to their circumstances.

What is my tip for anyone considering undertaking a qualification?

  1. Accountability – keep yourself engaged with the learning. Set goals to achieve and stick to them. Even if that means you get yourself a ‘cheerleader’.
  2. Learn about the funding available to you and take advantage of it. Don’t loose out on these opportunities.

Interested to know more about the Traineeship New Entrant eligibility or Skilling for Recovery funding? Contact our friendly staff now on 9682 0100.