Australia’s vocational education and training system offers a range of ways to study and gain qualifications. Whether you prefer traditional classroom learning, or want to take advantage of distance or online learning, h&h Accredited Training can offer it all. Here’s the inside scoop on different modes of learning.

1.   In the classroom – teacher-led delivery

Learning in a classroom with qualified trainers who take you through quality learning and assessments is what’s often called a “full delivery model”. This means the trainer teaches all the content to a small group of students, with social distancing measures currently in place for the safety of each student.

At h&h, we limit our classrooms to groups of 15- 20 to make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Our classes always mix practical hands-on learning with theory and knowledge, and we make our assessments as interactive as possible to make sure we cater for all learning styles.

We run a range of Saturday classes to make sure people can easily get childcare or work commitments sorted in advance and use their weekends to qualify for the career they are dreaming of. We also run traditional daytime classes, too.

More and more of our classes will offer blended (or hybrid) learning – a combination of both digital learning and in-class, face-to-face learning – with the amounts of different learning modes varying depending on the qualification and the learner’s needs.

teacher in class

Traditional classroom learning is what’s known as a full delivery model

2.   Distance learning – freedom and flexibility

With the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, there are now more options to study online or through distance delivery so you don’t need to spend time in group settings close to other people.

Distance education often involves posting learning materials like texts and learner guides and giving the learner instructions on how to work through the materials using a mix of quizzes, reviews and other tasks while learning from home. Classroom-style sessions can be hosted using Zoom or video lessons.

Online learning – also called e-learning – is when students can login to a website to find learning resources and instructions on how to work through the materials to gain practical and theoretical knowledge.

3.   The rise of online learning – support to go at your own pace

Online learning is great for people with the discipline and motivation to study at their own pace, and sit down for concentrated periods of time.

h&h is committed to moving more of our courses to a hybrid delivery method, so we can best support different learning and study styles. Some of our childcare and business courses are already including online delivery, and over time we will have more delivery options available.

We think it’s important to offer a range of different delivery modes for students so that learners can fit their qualifications into their busy lives. On top of our flexible learning delivery, we also offer flexible payment plans, too.