h&h Accredited Training prides itself on the strong associations it has with like-minded businesses, like Kindercare Learning Centre in Doonside. Kindercare is a childcare centre and has been working with h&h for over 12 years. The centre welcomes students undergoing our childcare courses for assessment, training and work placements. Kindercare has even employed quite a few of our graduates!

Jackie De Abreu owns and runs Kindercare and she helps us to ensure our students graduate with skillsets and knowledge that sets them above their peers.

We chatted to Jackie about her amazing business and why she loves working with us.

Q: Jackie, how does Kindercare work? Your centre looks after such a wide range of children!

A: Yes, we do! We offer childcare from 0 – 5 years, and we care for children 5-12 years for before and after school care and vacation care. Our facility provides everything, including meals, programming, activities and learning, so we are a one-stop shop for most families.

Q: In what ways does Kindercare work with h&h childcare students?

A: We work with them in a wide range of capacities. We help their childcare students prepare for assessments, work placement and also occasionally in post-graduate positions – by that I mean when we sometimes employ their graduating childcare students.

Q: So you have employed a few h&h childcare graduates?

A:Yes, I have! Seven of the 12 staff I have here at Kindercare at the moment are h&h Accredited Training childcare graduates, because their students definitely make a good impression.

Q: It sure seems so. What kinds of standards and skillsets do you see in the h&h childcare graduates?

A:I have been dealing with h&h for a very, very long time, so they know exactly what kind of childcare students I take on. My standards are very high, and the team at h&h know this. It is reflected in the students they send me. h&h knows I won’t take students if they are not presented properly or are slacking off. This is why we work so well together and have done for so long.

I screen all students through Team Leader Sonia Kaur and then I personally screen them. Students who come to me for work placement are treated and trained exceptionally well, so h&h sends its students to Kindercare for this reason. We provide for them; we help with their assessments and everyone is welcome – we are very inclusive. Kindercare has a fabulous multi-cultural environment and our staff is able to assist with many different languages.

Q: It sounds like a wonderfully symbiotic relationship!

A:Yes, it really is and I have been very happy with them for over 12 years.

Q: What are some other areas that you and h&h collaborate in?

A: Kindercare assists childcare students who need extra guidance or training. We work with h&h when they evolve and update their training programs, too. They have done this a few times over the years, which is fantastic as it is always setting new benchmarks for students to reach.