When it comes to vocational education and training, there are some registered training organisations out there that are less than legitimate. Some are quick to take (a lot of) your money without actually giving you the correct qualifications required to work in your chosen industry.

Firstly, you can rest assured that h&h is not one of these. However, what if you’re studying in another state, or you’ve finished a course with us and wish to study something else that we may not offer at present? We don’t want you to be caught out. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of things to look for to ensure your college is legitimate and the studies you undertake are nationally recognised.

  • Check for RTO
    Check if your potential college is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It should have the letters RTO after its name and the RTO ID, but you can make doubly sure by visiting the government’s training website. All legitimate education providers will be listed on this website. Furthermore, the RTO details should be clearly displayed on the college’s marketing material, including its website, social media platforms, brochures and business cards.
  • Do Your Research
    Visit the website – is it easy to read, informative and professional? Find out how long the college has been in operation. Check the Social Media following and engagement and look for testimonials and reviews from current and past students, educators that are employed there, businesses that they have work placement agreements with as well as employers of past graduates.
  • How Transparent Is The Information Provided?
    Does it indicate all-inclusive course costs, course duration, course materials, work placement hours, police checks, working with children check requirements and so on?
  • Ask a Friend
    Perhaps you know someone who has studied there? Seek anecdotal evidence about the college from people you know who have graduated the college or are currently undergoing a course there.Ask about their experience through their studies, how well they felt supported, how easy they found it to gain employment after they studied and how the skills they gained have helped them start or further their career.
  • Call the College
    Give the college a call to find out more information. Is the receptionist friendly and informative? Have a list of questions prepared to ask before you call. Is the person on the other end of the phone able to clearly and concisely answer your queries, or efficiently pass you on to someone who can? If yes, that is a great sign.
  • Take a Campus Tour
    Visit the campus and ask for a tour around the classrooms and grounds. Check how well things are set up. Does it seem organised and easy to navigate? Do you think you will be comfortable and safe studying there? Are you able to meet with the trainers prior to enrolling? Are you able to sit in on a class and observe before you enrol? Can you discuss training pathways with someone before you sign on the dotted line? All of these things are signs your potential new college is a good one.
  • Check out Payment Terms and Arrangements
    Does the college charge competitive rates in comparison to other registered colleges? Or are the prices unbelievably high? Or conversely, are the prices too good to be true in comparison to other RTOs offering a similar service? Does it offer payment support initiatives? Does it have a clear refund policy? A legitimate college will charge industry standard rates that aren’t either ridiculously high or astoundingly low.
  • Does the College offer Support?
    What sort of support does the college offer? A reputable organisation will provide support through face-to-face meetings, over-the-phone, email and as is the case with h&h, even on its Social media platforms.
  • Are there clear enrolment eligibility requirements available?
    For instance, is the college registered to enrol interstate students outside of NSW or the state you currently reside in? Is the college registered for domestic students only?

We feel that this is a really great checklist for potential students, and we hope it guides you in the right direction.

At h&h, we are as transparent as possible and very open in the information we offer. We are a family owned business that:

  • Has been operating for over 20 years;
  • Is Australian owned;
  • Employs trainers that each have over 10 years industry experience;
  • Is open six days per week
  • Is close to public transport – we are only a four-minute walk to and from Granville station;
  • Offers access to State and Federal Government funded programs (eligibility requirements);
  • Offers payment plans for Fee For Service students;
  • Offers online support;
  • Offers appointments with trainers six days per week;
  • Offers traineeships (onsite training assistance at your workplace); and
  • Offers distance education (home based study).

Want to know more? Please email us at [email protected] or call us on 02 9682 0100 or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.