Juggling study, a job and possibly even a family can sometimes be overwhelming, and it can be difficult working out how you will fit everything in. To help you out, we’ve listed a few top tips that will keep you organised and on top of your workload and hopefully even allow you some much-needed relaxation time!


    1. Throw Away Your To-Do List
      Forget a ‘to-do’ list. This is too restrictive and sets you up for failure if you don’t checkoff everything on the list in one day, which will only make the spiral of stress worse. Instead, write a list of things you would really like to achieve that day. Call it your, “Today I’d LikeTo…” list.Be kind on yourself as you tick the list off. If you’re not half way through by lunch time, that’s OK. There will inevitably be unexpected distractions throughout the day that push you behind schedule and you can still finish other tasks later in the day or even let them roll over to the next day. Nobody expects you to be a superhero and nor should you expect it of yourself.
    2. Learn To Prioritise
      While we shouldn’t set unhealthy deadlines for ourselves, we still need to acknowledge that certain tasks do need to be completed within a certain timeframe. With this in mind, try to tackle the most urgent and/or the most difficult tasks first.Motivational speaker Turia Pitt, a NSW woman who suffered burns to 65 percent of her body when caught in a grassfire and spent over two years in rehab, wrote in her book, Unmasked by Turia Pitt and Bryce Corbett, that she always tackles the hardest task first thing in the day. Why? It makes the rest of the day’s chores easier.Turia recalls having to have her bandages changed daily in hospital and the indescribably pain this caused her. She always asked the nurses to start with the largest and most painful bandages, as she knew that the rest of the treatment would be easier from there on.So too, in daily life, if we get the most tedious, arduous, boring or just plain unpleasant chore out of the way first, the rest of the day should flow smoothly. If we leave it until the last minute, we stress ourselves out even more as it is constantly in the back of our mind that we need to finish that task.
    3. Prepare For Tomorrow The Night Before
      No matter how tired you are, this will always make the next day run more smoothly. Whether it’s choosing what you are going to wear and ironing your clothes, preparing lunches, packing your bag for the day, or simply putting petrol in the car or topping up your Opal card, these small tasks undertaken the evening before will make your day just that little bit easier.You may also wish to make a week’s worth of meals on the weekend, too. You can freeze them, and it will save you so much time each evening!
    4. Make Smaller Goals
      We all have goals and dreams, but instead of looking towards one large goal as your end game, divide it into smaller and more achievable steps. So, each week, think of a step you want to take that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal, and then go ahead and do whatever you can to smash that step! Even if you don’t quite get there, the disappointment won’t ruin your resolve. It will simply be a small set back that is easily rectified the following week.
    5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help
      We all get ‘stuck’ at some point in our studies or feel like it is all a bit too much. If you’re feeling this way, please do not keep it to yourself. The knowledgeable and helpful staff at h&h are here to help and only a phone call, email or office visit away. Remember, part of our success as an accredited training college is seeing you graduate and succeed in your chosen career and we will do all we can to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
    6. Don’t Procrastinate
      This links back to Turia Pitt’s tip on getting the most difficult task out of the way first and in a way, reflects the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.When we put things off, they sit in a pile and that pile inevitably grows into an insurmountable mountain in our minds. If we tackle something straight away – even if it’s simply a first draft of it, then the project and task at hand becomes a less daunting one and much easier to manage and complete.
    7. Clear Away Clutter
      Numerous studies have shown that a clean and cutter-proof working environment make more better learning and memory retention. Try to always keep your workspace clean, clear of junk and clutter and as quiet as possible. You’ll really reap the benefits
    8. Take Time Out
      No matter how full your plate, it’s imperative that you always take time out to relax and recharge your batteries. As the old saying goes – you can’t pour from an empty jug. With this in mind, set aside half an hour or more each day to do something just for you. It could be a beautiful nature walk, meditation, yoga, a power nap, snuggles with your pet or reading your favourite book. Whatever it is, make sure you shut out the rest of the world and all of its demands and concentrate only on you!