Even before you get a job interview, you need a resume that sells you as the perfect person for the job. Singing your own praises can be tough for even the most confident person, which makes writing a resume a tricky task.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Be clear and concise

There’s no need to send pages and pages of information to a potential employer. Your skills will speak for themselves, so keep things short, factual and to the point. List your education experience and previous employment placements chronologically from most junior to current day.

Always Include a Cover Letter

This should be a short, to-the-point letter introducing yourself and giving a concise, abridged version of your training and skills. You can expand on these later in your resume. Include a professional looking head shot on this page too.

Be sure your resume matches the job description

If the job you’re applying for is running the admin office of an aged care home, you probably don’t need to list the job you had in high school serving ice cream at the local movie cinema. Read the job description thoroughly and include all experience and training you have had that appropriately matches the job description.

Highlight Your Achievements

When creating your resume, it’s not the time to hold back on your achievements. Have you won any awards? Be sure to include them in your resume and highlight them in a way that truly stands out. Were you promoted in a time frame that takes most people a lot longer to get to that point? Make sure you let your future employer know. While there is a fine line between listing your strengths and bragging in many areas of life, when it comes to creating your CV, feel free to talk yourself up to the bets of your skills and ability.

Keep the tone upbeat and engaging

While you shouldn’t include jokes, you should keep the tone of your resume positive, enthusiastic and interesting. Using words such as ‘eager’, ‘helpful’ and ‘fulfilling’ create impact and assure your potential employer that you are driven and dedicated.

Keep it Simple

You want to list your qualifications, skills and experience, you also need to keep the wording and layout of your resume simple, well-spaced and to the point. Ask a former employer or a highly qualified friend to proof read your resume before you show it to anyone else and take on their valuable feedback.

Ask for Help

At h&h, we are here to help you in all aspects of your training and career. Part of our support is helping you pull together a brilliant resume and guide you in interview situations. Always feel free to ask our admin girls or your trainer to set up an appointment for us.

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