‘How much will my course cost?’

‘How much will my course cost?” This is a question we are asked on almost a daily basis here at h&h Accredited Training. It’s a very good question too, and the answer varies according to each student’s situation. While all our courses do have their particular set pricing, certain students may find that they are eligible for subsidised funding under either Smart & Skilled funding, or other such Government initiatives. Your course price could also vary depending on whether it is your first or second qualification, too.

So, all of these factors mean that the price can vary a great deal for all students. We also have a variety of flexible and affordable payment options for our students, which again depends on the selected qualification.

To help demystify course costs, we asked our lovely Accounts Manager, Sandra Matimati to explain our pricing and funding structures.

Smart & Skilled Funding

Smart & Skilled Funding is subsidised by the NSW Government. To be eligible, you must:

  • be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia and New Zealand;
  • have left school and you are over 15 years of age; and
  • live in NSW.


Smart & Skilled provides eligible students with an entitlement to government-subsidised training for Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level courses.

Please note: Your eligibility for a Government-subsidised Smart and Skilled course no longer depends on your previous qualifications. All students, regardless of the level of any previous qualifications held, are able to access subsidised Smart and Skilled training.

In other words, previous qualifications do not affect eligibility, but it may affect the student fee.

Smart & Skilled Fee Free Scholarship

Smart & Skilled Fee Free Scholarship is subsidised by the NSW Government. This may apply to you if you are a Humanitarian VISA holder, if you receive a disability support pension or if you are of Aboriginal or Torres Straights Islander background. Under a Smart & Skilled Fee Free Scholarship, all your course tuition is covered by the NSW Government. Please contact us at any time to find out if you are eligible.

Smart & Skilled Concession Pricing

Concession Pricing applies to subsidised funding. To qualify for this, you must also be receiving the relevant Centrelink income and be able to provide us with a current Centrelink statement. To find out more, contact h&h directly to discuss your situation.

Fee Free Traineeship

From January 1, 2020, the NSW Government launched a Fee Free Traineeship Initiative under the Smart & Skilled program, where all eligible new entrant trainees have the total student fee waived. There may be trainees who are not eligible for this, however they can go on an affordable, stress-free payment plan. It is good to know too, that if you are undergoing traineeships, you are exempt from payroll tax.

Payment Plans

If you are not eligible for any of the funding described above, h&h can offer you affordable, flexible payment plans.

Under your payment plans, you will first pay a deposit, which will vary depending on the course you are doing and whether you are undergoing your first qualification or your second or third qualification.

First and Second Qualifications – What do these mean?

A First Qualification typically applies to someone who may have just left school and also those who have not studied and qualified after graduating from a course before. If you already have qualifications in any area, from another country or college, this is known as Second or Further Qualifications.

To understand this further, it is best to speak to our friendly receptionists who can explain if this applies to you.

Distance and Classroom

At h&h we offer both Distance and Classroom modes of learning. The course price will vary depending on which way you choose to study.

If you wish to know which of these modes of study is suitable for you, or you would like to discuss payment plans, please contact us at any time.