Should I study from home or on campus?

h&h Accredited Training Australasia is one of the leading accredited providers of government funded vocational education.  A family owned and operated college located in the heart of Granville, NSW, h&h caters to a wide range of students, jobseekers and employed people looking to advance their skills and further their careers.

At h&h, we strongly believe that undergoing further study to start a new career, refresh your existing skills or indeed advance your current career is always a great idea.

The question of course is, should you attend your course on campus, or undergo Distance Learning? We offer the flexibility for you to choose either, depending on your lifestyle. No matter what your choice, both have immense rewards and you won’t ever regret pursuing your dreams!

If you decide to come to campus to study, you gain the benefit of face-to-face interaction with your Course Trainer and Team Leader, as well as mingling with other students and making new friends. In the unlikely event your trainer isn’t available to answer a question at any time, or it’s after hours, you can email any questions to us and we will get back to you, typically within 24 hours. We offer this service seven days a week.

The drawcard of Distance Learning (study from home) is that you have the flexibility to learn on your own time and work your studies around your schedule.

This kind of learning is fantastic for people who may have to work through their studies, who have children who are still in need of daily care as well as those who live too far from our college to commute every day.

Rest assured, should this be the path you choose for your course, our Team Leader and Course Trainers, as well as our administrative staff at h&h, will support throughout every step of your studies and are only a phone call away. Again, if for any reason you’re unable to pin us down, simply use our seven days a week email service and your query will be addressed typically within 24 hours.

You will also receive assistance in work experience placement as well as interview preparation and you will receive just as much attention as you would were you in the college.

Interested in discussing this further with us? Simply call us on 02 9682 0100 or email