How To Get Ahead In Your Studies And Your Career

Want to maximise your studies and get ahead in your career from the get-go? Follow this super-helpful advice!

Stay open to all or any new work experiences and learnings. Keeping up to date with advancements in your industry, the latest technological advances and any developments in the role you are seeking to fill, will mean you are better equipped to handle anything that might come your way. For instance, should a new opportunity arise in the workplace, or you’re asked to take over operating a new form of technology, you will feel more comfortable and prepared to respond and of course, better equipped to set and achieve new goals.


Ask your teachers about any industry events that might be occurring, or networking opportunities. Your teachers are all industry experts, and many will still work in the industry or are on boards, so they will have their ear to the ground for such events. Take any opportunity to attend industry events organised by your course and/or by external bodies such as professional associations. You never know where the next introduction could lead you!


Tell everyone you know that you’re enthusiastic and ready to be employed, learn on the job and grow! Employers look for people with energy and ambition, so don’t hide it. Plus, many jobs are found through informal networks. Your enthusiasm to advance your career is not something you should ever keep to yourself.


Make sure your course is linked to industry and recognised by employers. There’s no point studying an unfocused course that gives you no ‘real’ skills. You are the expert on your career, so focus on what you really need, with your goals in sight.

This material was adapted from the TAFE NSW website: