Want to get the most from your adult education? It’s easy. As adults, we have a tendency to overthink things and we can often be quite hard on ourselves. We may feel we are ‘too old’ to begin a new career or ‘not qualified enough’ or just plain ‘too busy’ to take on a life changing and lifestyle improving course.

You know what? That is simply not true!

At h&h, we know it is never too late to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams. 

With this in mind, we have set out some strategies to follow that help you get the most from your adult education!

Believe in yourself and your capabilities

Keep telling yourself ‘I can do this’. Our minds are very powerful and can often turn to negative thoughts quickly. Drive them away with daily motivational thoughts and mantras. Pin them to the bathroom mirror, or the wall in your study, and repeat them every time you feel any doubts or insecurities entering your head.


Set yourself realistic goals

You will have to manage all your other responsibilities while learning, so you do not want to become overwhelmed. When goal setting, the most successful people set smaller goals on the way to achieving their final goal. While you will see the end goal as achieving your dream, it takes several steps to get there. By dividing these steps into ‘smaller goals’ you will become adept at achieving your goals and the mountain will seem a great deal easier to climb. Each week, set yourself a small goal to accomplish that you know is something you need to do to reach your dreams. Fairly soon you will well on your way to success.


Be prepared that this new phase in your life will be (at times) hard, but so rewarding, and you need to ‘stick with it’. The most successful people in the world have experienced obstacles at times and rather than seeing these as a setback, they view them as a valuable lesson that helped them grow and become stronger, smarter and more skilled (and ultimately more successful). You can do this too!

Find a mentor

It may be a friend, or a fellow student, or your trainer; ask them to give you that ‘little push’ when you feel it is all too much. Having another person believe in you and support you makes all the difference in the world.


Don’t be a procrastinator

Don’t postpone the opportunity to gain knowledge, update your skills, establish a new career path! Time is our most precious currency – make the most of what is front of you now, and you will be rewarded abundantly in the future.


Ask us for help

At h&h, we are here to support you at all times. Either call us on 02 9682 0100 or email us. You can also visit our Facebook page and reach out to us there.