General Manager of  h&h Accredited Training College, Kate Lovett has been with the college for 19 years. She is actually also a member of the family who started the business back in 1995.

Kate says, “h&h is now a widely recognised quality RTO. This is due to the dedication each staff member puts into their roles. I truly enjoy being an integral part of a family business. We have been a part of an industry that has seen so many changes. Adapting to this change is not an easy feat, so we strive to remain true to our original philosophy as a college that has a local, community, local atmosphere.

“This means we are in tune with our staff, the community and our students. We know each student by name, and we all enjoy respectful, warm relationships. This is beneficial to everyone. It allows staff to undertake their roles with confidence and ease, and it means students are truly supported through their studies and beyond. They know they can reach out whenever they need to. The close-knit, inclusive community we have here at the college is not something I see in many workplaces. We pride ourselves on this.

In this blog, we chat to Kate in more detail about her daily life, what she loves most about h&h and what she hopes all students gain after studying with h&h.

Q: As General Manager, can you describe your typical day?

Kate: I travel to h&h head office in Granville from the Southern Highlands, so I have plenty of time in the traffic to prepare for the day. It is approximately 90 minutes each way! My days start at 8.00am in the office, with my favourite coffee from Zodova café,  which is just down the road. That coffee keeps me going until I finish work at around 5pm!

Being General Manager means that my days are full of meetings, emails and more meetings. I really enjoy interacting with people – our staff, the students and the businesses we work closely with. That element of my role is why I am here. I absolutely love getting to know someone’s personal story, how they dreamed of a chance to study, or have a career change or even simply to develop confidence. It is wonderful love to be part of this.

Q: What is the hardest part of your role?

Kate: The paperwork! The paperwork required to successfully manage a college is never ending. Every conversation is documented, every piece of paper is scanned and saved for compliance.

Q: Can you reveal a part of your job that people would not expect?

Kate: I love it when I get to train in a classroom situation. It’s really enjoyable supporting the students within a classroom, not simply as a General Manager. Being able to provide some of my experiences in business as part of learning is truly amazing. One of my favourite groups (I have had a few) was Certificate III Business students at Liverpool Hospital. It was a group of 12 Indigenous ladies who studied for 12 months. I also gained incredible knowledge from them.

Q: Why would you encourage people to study with h&h?

Kate: At h&h, we are always improving our practices. We take on board what our students tell us they want. We listen and we adapt it to how it best suits their learning styles. Our environment is inclusive and supportive. We frequently hear lots of laughter coming out of the classrooms. Our trainers have compassion and are often still supporting students many years after their course is finished. They do this through reference checks, job support and so on.

Q: What do you hope your students gain from their studies at h&h (aside from qualifications, of course!)?

Kate: I would like to think they gain a new confidence to achieve things that they would never have before believed possible. I also wish for new friendships and a sense of belonging in our community.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are studying any of the courses offered at h&h?

Kate: Talk to your trainer if you have any concerns, and don’t let studies become overwhelming. The trainers and administration staff know how life can get in the way with study. We can assist in making it easier and achievable for everyone and we have so many options for support.


Pictured above: General Manager Kate Lovett (left), with her mother and h&h founder Susan Hill (front), and daughter and current h&h employee, Olivia Brettle (right).

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