In Early Childhood, Disability and Aged Care settings, we can make huge differences in the lives of children, parents and other family members, and a large part of that includes how we prepare their food and make meal times an enjoyable experience.

For this reason, food preparation and its service is an important unit in our care courses here at h&h.

In all of our courses, food preparation promotes effective hygiene practices and implements essential learning programs that emphasise healthy food choices and healthy eating habits.

When it comes to young children and courses in early childhood education, we encourage children to enjoy foods they might not otherwise like, such as their vegetables. As we all know, it is sometimes tricky to get little ones to eat their greens. We teach methods of preparing food so it not only looks enticing but is also fun for the children to eat. It is such a rewarding part of the course when you realise you actually can get a young child to love eating their broccoli!

In terms of food preparation when working with the disabled, there are many other things to consider and again, our courses will cover these. Can the person feed themselves? Do they require your help to chop the food up? Do they need a straw to drink their juice or other beverage?

As for aged care, we need to ensure that the person in our care is getting all their nutritional needs met in a manner that is easiest for them. Are they able to chew their food thoroughly? Do they require a feeding tube?

It is also important to note that people in aged care may have weakened immunity and as such, the food must be prepared in a specific way so as not to compromise their health in any way. These are the types of things we cover in our courses at h&h to ensure that when you are in your place of work, you are fully armed with all the skills you need to do the best possible job you can.

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