First Aid Training – Yes, You Should Have It!

Did you know that on average, the NSW Ambulance Service alone responds to some kind of health scare or emergency call every 27 seconds? These statistics are quite frightening and highlight just how important it is that all Australians undertake First Aid Training, especially in the workplace and in particular, if you work in the aged, child or disability care sectors and it’s why we include it in all the courses we offer at h&h.

People with First Aid training can provide the all-important initial care to someone who has become ill, or who has been injured, until the Ambulance Service arrives to deliver more advanced care, or indeed in some cases may even eliminate the need to make the call to Emergency Services altogether (thereby lightening their load, which is an extremely heavy one).

Those who are skilled with First Aid knowledge are valuable community members. A person with First Aid training can deliver CPR in any situation it may be required (such as cardiac conditions) and they are also able to treat and assist with choking, airway obstruction or drowning.  They can also a minor cut, or a deeper laceration, providing bleeding and/or haemorrhage control.

It doesn’t stop there! Having First Aid skills and knowledge means you are able to assist a person with an asthma attack, a diabetic with low blood sugar and they can treat an anaphylactic reaction with an EpiPen.
It’s easy to see that having First Aid training means you are giving so much back to your community and/or workplace, but what will you gain from it? There are so many benefits!

  • First Aid training brings a practical benefit to all who are trained in this important safety awareness by making them a much-valued community or workplace member;
  • You have the confidence of knowing your First Aid training can prevent an injury from becoming worse;
  • You have the skills to positively assist and take ‘immediate’ action when it is needed, without having to wait for emergency services; and
  • A First Aid assistant is trained to respond under the 3 ‘Ps’ – Preserve life, Prevent worsening of an injury and Promote recovery

Whether in the home, at work, or out in the community the benefits of learning First Aid are immense and invaluable.

Why don’t you ask us about the qualifications h&h deliver that incorporate First Aid training at h&h Accredited Training College in Granville?