Our new childcare trainer, Sherin Nurani, hails from Western India. She says she has a passion for mentoring her students and loves shaping the leaders of tomorrow. In this blog, we chat to her about guiding her students and igniting their passion for this wonderful industry.

How long have you been working at h&h?

I have been here for just over three months! I love it.

As our new Childcare Trainer, what do you feel is the most important piece of knowledge you can give to your students?

I love awakening passion in my students as I impart all the knowledge related to childcare and the skills that are required to be in the childcare industry. They already have such a great passion. I just give that passion the direction.

What was it that drew you to this line of work?

Mentoring has always been my passion. I really like to shape the leaders of tomorrow and as a trainer it also strengthens my skills! When I was training, it was to become an early childhood educator and from there decided I wanted to be a trainer. It is wonderful seeing my students grow.

What do you love about working at h&h?

The lovely team! I feel so proud to work here. Everyone is so supportive and lovely.

Can you describe your typical day as a childcare trainer?

It starts with visiting students, marking assessments then classrooms training every day is a different day. There isn’t ever a chance to get bored. I am answering phone calls and emails, when not in the classroom.

What is an aspect of your job that people might not expect?

Every student is different and has a different set of skills! When I get to know them, we create a bond. However, at the same time, I am their trainer, so we need to have boundaries in place.

What brings you the greatest joy in your role at h&h?

Building relationships with students and different childcare centres, meeting someone now and learning something new every time from the childcare centres. I oversee the work placement and long family day care visits.

What do you find most difficult?

The farewells. The goodbyes are always hard. After teaching a class, it feels like they are family. Students get their certification and they may or may not come back. You never know where life takes them.

Why would you encourage students to study childcare with h&h?

h&h is one of the leading registered training organisations. It is focused on delivering quality training, support and advice to give leading industry skills.

Working in childcare is a big responsibility and perhaps at times challenging job – it takes a special kind of person. What traits do you feel people require to be really great childcare workers?

To be a good worker, a person needs good communication skills, decision making, patience and instructional skills, and definitely kindness. You need to be down to earth.

How do you provide support and preparation for your students for the times the job becomes difficult, for example, if a child is constantly naughty or acting up? How do you structure discipline in lines with the parent’s wishes?

We have a unit called Develop Positive and Respectful Relationship with Children. There is a unit in our Certificate III of Early Childhood Education and Care where we cover all the aspects of how to guide children’s behaviour age appropriately and what other communication techniques should be used when interacting with children.

What do you hope your students gain from their time at h&h (aside from their qualifications)?

Confidence, analytical skills, problem solving skills, exposure to multi-cultural activities and most important people skills!

What advice would you give to any potential childcare students? 

Childcare is very good industry and you get to learn a lot once you are actually working in the industry. It is a very important industry in terms of shaping a child’s future. As an educator, we need to be a good example for everyone.

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