Childcare partners are very important to us at h&h Accredited Training. We have strong associations with childcare partners that are essential to both our staff and the students undertaking our courses. These associations ensure that our students receive the best practical training, preparing them for the workforce, and allowing for better employment prospects after graduation.

Early childhood learning centre Reggio Emilia is one of our cherished childcare partners. In this blog, we speak with Business Development Manager, Rochelle Benjamin on our ongoing successful alliance.

As a childcare partner with h&h, can you tell us about Reggio Emilia? What ages of children do you look after?

Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre is an early childhood centre that implements the approach of learning as student-led and self-expression. Classroom and environmental experiences, such as in-depth projects and collaborations with Educators, develop our children’s communication, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. We care for children from six months to six years.


How long has your organisation worked as a childcare partner with h&h? In what ways do you work together?

For at least five years. Our goal is to ensure that all our Educators who want to pursue their professional development are supported! h&h helps us achieve this by working closely with us and our Educators, to ensure they are performing to their best standard and achieving their professional goals.

Do you often employ graduates from h&h?

Yes! Seeing h&h on a candidate’s resume is definitely a positive! That the majority of our Educators have qualifications from h&h reflects our standards here at Reggio Emilia. h&h graduates come with plenty of experience and have a good grip on their theoretical knowledge. I believe this is because h&h courses excel at implementing theoretical knowledge into practical settings

How do you find h&h graduates in terms of enthusiasm, skills and attention to detail?

Great, great and great! They are always keen and willing to learn! They also take any opportunity to immerse themselves in training and development opportunities, then work on implementing their training into their classrooms.

How would you describe your overall experience with h&h?

h&h has been a very pleasant RTO to work with. They have always shown a strong commitment to our Educators and ensure they are progressing well along throughout their training. I hear from the feedback of our Educators that h&h is very flexible and always offers support, whenever its needed.

What are some other areas that you and h&h collaborate in?

In addition to Cert III and Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Care, h&h will run different types of training sessions for our Educators – such as child protection and first aid/CPR. This is invaluable.


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