Studying can be hard to juggle with work, parenting and other life commitments, though that didn’t stop Gurmeet Kaur Bhullar.

With two kids, aged 5 and 10, Gurmeet embarked on her BSB30115 Certificate III in Business as a traineeship and completed her qualification in a record four months. It usually takes 12 months to finish the qualification while working as a trainee.

“We have never had a student work so hard to get through all the units as quickly as Gurmeet,” says Sarah Clark, who was the traineeship supervisor as Gurmeet finished her studies last year. 

Business trainer Rimpreet Bedi also supported Gurmeet to achieve competency in the 12 units required to finish the Certificate III.

University-qualified, but wanted more real-world training

Gurmeet was already a qualified accountant with a finance degree from Ballarat University.  

“My dream is to actually be a trainer, and I found it so inspiring to train at the college,” Gurmeet says. “There was so much more support to learn here at h&h.”

“Rimpreet was a very good trainer, who took me through all the knowledge while also inspiring me. I would not say I was a great student, but I would say trainers are the people who make great students – I could only finish because I had a good trainer.”

Rimpreet Bedi, who has been a trainer at h&h for seven years, says Gurmeet was a highly motivated student with a powerful goal in mind.

“Gurmeet really wanted to finish her Certificate III before her mother arrived in Australia, so that she could start tackling the Diploma while she had support to help with the kids,” she says.

Gurmeet is now enrolled in the BSB50215 Diploma of Business but doesn’t plan on completing it as quickly as the Certificate III.

“Some people can finish the Diploma in one year, but we will see,” Gurmeet says. She would like to go on to complete the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment so she can teach other people about business and finance.

Accelerating students

Registered training organisations like h&h can support students to accelerate their studies if they can handle the extra work. RTOs can take a more flexible approach to supporting students to successfully qualify and work towards the career they want.

“My job was to help Gurmeet build her knowledge and skills and Sarah’s job (as traineeship co-ordinator) was to keep giving her the units to complete,” Rimpreet says.

“I would say it’s very rare for students to finish qualifications so quickly – I would say less than 5 percent of students can do it. We wanted to make Gurmeet’s dream successful because she was very hardworking.”