We value our Aged Care partners highly here at h&h Accredited Training  which is why we love St. Sergius Aged Care in Cabramatta, Sydney. They’re a dream to work with, as well as being an incredible course of support for h&h students.  In this blog, we speak with Education and Training Coordinator, Dusica, about how our two organisations work together.

Q: How does St. Sergius work together h&h as Aged Care partners?

Dusica: St. Sergius provides nursing care to elderly people and we pride ourselves on being one of the best aged care facilities in our area. We have been working with h&h for over three years.

St. Sergius endeavours to educate h&h staff as assistants in Cert.III and Cert.IV in Aged Care in order for them to qualify to work as an AIN in our nursing home. h&h is always more than helpful. They come to our facilities and provide one-on-one support to students and staff members. The team is also always happy to assist in any way and has come forward for us more than once. We are very fortunate and at the moment we have three h&h students doing work placement. We are so happy to have them here.

St. Sergius Education and Training Coordinator, Dusica.

Recently, we introduced a training needs analysis skillset for our Cert.IV staff who needed an update on their skills. We will continue with this practice, as it is working well.


Q: How do you find h&h students as employees?

Dusica: They are all very enthusiastic, proactive and helpful. h&h students are willing to learn and always very attentive to our residents and their needs, which we find invaluable.

Q: What is your role at St. Sergius?

Dusica: As Education and Training Coordinator, my job is to educate, update and orientate our staff and new employees. it is my job to ensure we provide nothing but the very best nursing care to our residents.


Q: Do you employ graduates from h&h?

Dusica: Yes, we generally employ students who come for a clinical placement to our facility. h&h students are well presented, neat and tidy. Most of them are very fluent in English, after being supported in this area through their studies. They are very kind and patient and willing to take any opportunity to learn and gain experience.

Q: How would you describe your overall experience with h&h?

Disuca: We have been working with h&h for a few years now and I can’t see a single reason why we should stop. h&h is very efficient and professional, as well as having a great team of lovely, polite people to work with.






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