Why should I undertake adult education?

Great question, thank you for asking! People of a more mature age choose to undertake adult education for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you didn’t have the chance to finish your studies from years before? You might be bored with your current career and looking for a fresh start, a change of vocation? You might simply have a keen interest in a certain subject and wish to learn more about it!


Easing into Study Gradually


At h&h, our adult education courses are designed for people to ease into gradually, so they are not at all intimidating and you will find them friendly and inviting. There is a range of study options these days to help work in with your schedule – h&h offers a mix of classroom, distance or traineeship style courses that can help you begin a new career or further advance in your current role.

Our shorter courses in particular are fantastic if you’ve emigrated from another country and your qualifications aren’t recognised here. They can help you gain accreditation, so that you can continue your career while living and working in Australia. They’re also great if you need to hone your skills in order to advance your career.

Chat To Us About Your Choices

If you are interested in undertaking further study, we recommend that you always research the area that you wish to study before signing up to the course. Take the time to talk to a career advisor, too. h&h has highly trained teachers and a very experienced Team Leader who are happy to advise you of your options and outcomes.

It’s always important to be aware of why you want to study further and be sure of your goals and desired results. Adult education definitely requires commitment, time and money, so you want to be absolutely sure it’s the right path for you!

h&h has courses that cover Aged Care, Child Care, Disability Services and Business, from entry level to Diploma. These courses allow you to prepare for changing your career path to a new industry, or to advance your career with your current employer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our courses please contact us!