A Great Way to Get Job Training and Qualifications

Traineeships are one of the best ways to get job training and qualifications. Traineeships are highly regarded by business and industry as well as being government regulated.

How does an organisation arrange a Traineeship?

• Once you have made the decision that a Traineeship with your employee is your preferred method of training you will need to:
• Call an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) and advise you have an Employee you wish to commence a Traineeship
• The AAC will visit your Centre and discuss the Traineeship requirements and Training with you and your Trainee. Required documentation will be completed, explained and signed.
• Your AAC will help you choose a suitable Registered Training organisation (RTO)
• The AAC will forward the Training Plan Proposal to your nominated RTO which details the vocation, qualification title and qualification level to be undertaken by the apprentice/trainee, the mode of training delivery and other preliminary training information.
• Should H&H be your chosen RTO, we will then contact you to arrange a meeting to sign our Enrolment documentation, Training Plan and to discuss the training.
The training plan needs to be signed by employer, the Trainee and the RTO
You and your Apprentice/Trainee will receive a copy of the Training plan

Organisation responsibilities

• Training is a responsibility shared between yourself, your RTO and your Trainee
• You have the primary responsibility to ensure that your Trainee receives the relevant workplace training and experience.
• There is the additional requirement for Trainees to be withdrawn from routine work duties, with pay, for a minimum of 3 hours per week, averaged over a four week cycle to participate in formal training/learning/assessment activities.

Registered training organisation responsibilities (RTO)

• H&H delivers formal training and Assessments to compliment workplace training
• A Training Plan will be provided to the Employer and Trainee within 12 weeks of approval of the Training Contract
• H&H will ensure that the nominated workplace has the necessary work, resources, facilities and experienced people needed for the Trainee to successfully undertake on the job training.
• H&H will provide regular updates on Trainees progress
• Our dedicated Trainers/Assessors provide continual guidance and support throughout the Traineeship
• Trainees are provided with a dedicated Trainer/Assessor and Administration staff member that will be in regular contact with Trainees via workplace visits, emails and phone calls.

Traineeship Schedule

• Trainees and Employers refer to the supplied Training Plan which advises expected progression throughout the Traineeship of Units of Competency
• Trainees can however, accelerate their learning and submissions of their Assessments (within an agreeable timeframe by Employer and Trainer/Assessor)
• Trainees and Employers are advised in advance by the Trainer/Assessor of scheduled Assessment and Monitoring visits
• Trainees also have the option of attending classroom based Training to consolidate their learning

Fee Structure

• Smart and Skilled is a new reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system which commenced on 1st January 2015.
• Each government-subsidised qualification has a fixed qualification price, a government subsidy and a student fee.
• The student fee may be paid by the student or their employer.
• For information on payment methods see our Cost & Funding page.
• Please note that our administration fees are in line with the fees charged by TAFE NSW.
• H&H offers payment solutions for our students. For more information on our fee structure please see Cost & Funding or contact us to speak with our administration staff about fees and exemptions.

Students Say

Hi, my name is Arti. I have landed in this country less than a year ago. And selecting a course has been such a tough decision for me. The journey began with H&H Accredited Training College. Everyone has been so supportive during my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Course. I have been so nervous at the start but my teacher guided me through all the way. I have a permanent job today and am continuing with my studies, Diploma Course.

I would like to thank H&H Team for facilitating this class and for their continuous enthusiasm and energy.


Hi my name is Douha and I just finished my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and H&H Training. I really had a good time and am enjoying the experience during my studying of the Certificate III and Diploma in ECEC. The Staff and service were helpful and beneficial especially my teacher. She is an amazing teacher, always present when we need her. She supported us in class and during the work experience. I advice every person that wants to study Child care to come and try H&H training.


I have just finished a CHC50113 – Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Having a great teacher made a big difference in my studies. She was professional and knowledgeable and used her experiences and professionalism to help me achieve my studying goals.

I highly recommend H&H Training to achieve your dream course. I will recommend this college to others to get the benefit of a good college and supportive teachers.


I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to my teacher who is the loveliest person/teacher/supporter in my life. She worked very hard for all of us to go through this process and finish our diploma, as all of us are coming from different cultures and English is our second language. She used her own time to give us more support and help us learn more and be more professional in our job. I worked 15 years in the same industry but I learnt more so much in my Diploma class here.

The college staff were so supportive each step on the way and I was assisted by lovely people, who were always nice and helpful. Thank you for everything. I will recommend this college to others to get the benefit of a good college and supportive teachers.


I learned a lot on how to take care of my baby who is going to come soon.


My English skills especially in listening and understanding have improved a lot by having classes in this college.


I have learnt lots of new information in the childcare field from this college.


I’ve got a lot of new knowledge by studying in this college and made many new friends. I ALSO got a job after I have finished my work placement.