We’re Here to Help!

We understand that commencing study requires you to rearrange your schedule, means of transport and personal affairs like work or childcare. We are here to assist and make your experience with H&H as pleasant as possible. While we offer as much help as we can, there are some requirements that need to be adhered to as a student at H&H and we appreciate your cooperation.


Entry is open for domestic students only. Unfortunately we are not registered to train international students but please visit http://cricos.education.gov.au/which lists colleges that International students can enquire with for studies in Australia.

For verification of our registration details please see our accreditation page or contact us.

Course selection assistance is offered by H&H as well as assessing your eligibility for a funded course.

All Australian students must apply for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number as of 1st January 2015. The USI will allow you to have easier and more reliable online access to your record of training history. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.


Certificate III courses are entry level – no previous experience is required to enrol.

Certificate IV courses – please note (CHC40312) Certificate IV in Disability does not require any pre-requisites. However, (CHC40108)
• Certificate IV in Aged Care must have completed compulsory units from (CHC30212) Certificate III in Aged Care (or equivalent) including:

• CHCAC318B Work effectively with older people
• CHCAC319A Provide support to people living with dementia
• CHCCS411C Work effectively in the community sector
• CHCICS303A Support individual health and emotional well being
• CHCPA301B Deliver care services using a palliative approach
• HLTAP301B Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context
• CHCCS305C Assist clients with medication (pre-requisite HLTAP301B)

Upon enrolment please notify staff if you are applying for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT), this is when a person has previous training, employment in the industry, informal and formal qualifications that they wish to apply for recognition or transfer. Please ask our staff for information on these processes. Our college aims to make your study pathway as easy as possible! Contact us and we will assist your enquiry on RPL and CT.

How Enrolment Works

1. Visit us at the college, ask our staff any questions and take a look around!
2. Fill out an enrolment form. Supply two identification documents (one must feature your photo such as Passport, Drivers License or over 18’s card. The other can be your birth certificate, a utilities bill with your name and current address, Medicare card etc). Original documents are required upon enrolment; we take a copy for our records.
3. An administration fee is payable at the time of enrolment, see fees and funding options for payment details. You will be seen by our friendly accounts staff to discuss the payment options for your remaining fees. Please note: we do not take payments of more than $1000 at any time throughout the course
4. Note that the details from your completed enrolment form will then be used by H&H to set up your student file. All information is strictly confidential (in accordance with our privacy policy and procedures).
5. All students’ participate in the H&H induction program on the first day of training which includes facility information, course content details, assessment procedures and training pathways to consider on completion of your course.
6. Should you require further information prior to enrolment or prior to the commencement of your course, please contact us.

Professional Training Facility

H&H College is located close to public transport and offers a comfortable studying environment. Please visit our Facilities page for details.

Competency Based Training

Nationally accredited courses delivered by H&H are competency based. This means that training is delivered based on units of competency developed by the relevant industry. When students’ demonstrate they have reached the required skills and knowledge, they can be assessed as competent. This can be completed through a variety of assessment methods including written questions and answers, assignments, group discussions, workplace observation, role plays and many more.

A holistic approach to training and assessing allows for consistent and fair results for all students. Should a student receive a Not Yet Competent (NYC) result, they are provided with feedback and given further opportunities to demonstrate competency.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT)

H&H recognises AQF Qualifications and Statements of Attainment (SOA) issued by other RTO’s as well as Employer letters for RPL or CT applications. All students are entitled to apply for RPL and/or CT. Please contact us and ask for a RPL/CT Application Form to apply.

Learning Support

H&H trainers and assessors provide excellent support in helping you advance in your course, including: providing and explaining written learning materials and illustrations to reinforce the learning; clarifying technical jargon; ensuring individual support and advice to participants; negotiating opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experience and practice (where applicable); offering telephone support and advice.

Additional support is provided for students who require further assistance in the areas of language, literacy or numeracy support. Furthermore, students with learning difficulties beyond the H&H trainer and assessors’ area of expertise are referred to external specialist agencies such as community colleges or disability support agencies. Interpreter supports are used where language assistance is needed.

For students that have been away from the studying environment for some time, the trainer and H&H staff are aware that this can be a somewhat daunting process, be assured that our staff will support you throughout the entire duration of your studies.

Certificate/Statement of Attainment & Re-issuing Certificates

All H&H courses are accredited and qualifications nationally recognised. Students will be issued with a Certificate, Statement of Attainment or a Statement of Participation within 21 days of the course end date. Note course fees must be paid in full to ensure your award is issued at this time.

• Certificate – where a student satisfactorily completes a course (all modules from a qualification).
• Statement of Attainment – where a student satisfactorily completes selected units from a qualification.
• Certificate of Participation – where a student participates is a course but does not attain the competencies required. Students are provided further opportunities to be re-assessed.

H&H will reissue certificates upon payment of a $25 fee. Students are required to complete and submit a Statutory Declaration prior to receiving a re-issued certificate. Please contact us for further information.


Students are required to attend all lessons as advised during the course induction. Frequent absences or lateness may result in non-achievement of some assessments/competencies.

If you are unable to attend, due to sickness or a personal issue, it is important that you notify the College, prior to or on the day that you are unable to attend. Find details on our contact us page.

Contact Hours

H&H can be contacted Monday – Saturday 8.30AM – 4.30 PM. Course times are set by H&H with a strong focus on our student’s needs, requirements and the quality of education we provide. It is very important that students make every effort to arrive to class on time and return at the correct time from breaks. Being conscious of this will help you gain maximum benefit from your course and ensure that other students are not disadvantaged by interruptions to class by late entrants.

No-Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol Policy

Smoking is not permitted in any of the H&H training venues. During breaks smokers are requested to use designated smoking areas and disposal facilities provided for butts, etc.

H&H policy prohibits the use or consumption of drugs or alcohol on its’ premises. Any student found to be affected and/or under the influence of these substances will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Dress Code

Casual, comfortable clothing is acceptable unless otherwise specified.

Emergency Procedures

H&H asks all students to be aware of the emergency and evacuation procedures (located throughout the college). In the case of emergency (i.e. fire or the need to evacuate the training premises), we take all aspects of safety within the college very seriously. Emergency procedures are discussed on induction day. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Conduct of Assessment

Each assessment is conducted in accordance with the National Assessment Principles which underpin the Australian Quality Training Framework. All assessments are competency based, against the standards outlined in the units of competency in National Training Packages. It includes: assessment to determine the training needs; assessment during the training to judge how participants are progressing; assessment at the end of each unit of training undertaken; recognition of prior-learning or recognition of current competency.

Assessments are conducted in accordance with the course being undertaken, including on-the-job assessment for work experience and assessment in classroom situations. This involves the collection of sufficient evidence to demonstrate the participant is competent. They may include: observation of processes carried out on-the-job; measurement of knowledge and understanding; observation of the attitudes the participant demonstrates.

Assessment methods may involve the participant in: demonstrating their skills; providing a service; answering written and/or oral questions; participating in discussions; collecting examples of work.

Appeals against Assessment Results

All students have the right to request another trainer/assessor from the college to mark their work, should the student disagree with the result. This process is completed by using the following steps.

• discuss the results with the trainer/assessor
• if this approach does not reach a resolution, the student can request an ‘Appeals against Assessment Results Form’ (located at front reception desk)
• once completed, this form will be submitted to and actioned by the Training Manager within 7 days of receipt
• the student will be notified in writing the outcome

Students have 30 days from the date of their assessment to appeal against the assessment result. They can appeal on the grounds that: they were not told about the assessment process for the course; the assessment process differed significantly from what they were told; the assessment environment adversely affected their performance; they believe that they demonstrated competency in the assessment/s.

Assessments - Your Own Work & Non Return

Note: each student is required to complete and sign a Student Information Form verifying that all assignments submitted will be the student’s own work and not that of another person.

Assessments/assignments will not be returned to students after marking. We highly recommend that you take copies of all work submitted to the college. Whilst the college takes every precaution when handling your assessments, H&H accept no responsibility for lost or damaged assessments/assignments by either post or internet submissions.

If you require any further information on our policies or procedures for the above matters, please contact us.

Workplace Health & Safety

Consistent with the provisions of the Workplace Health and Safety Act in New South Wales, H&H is committed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, students and visitors. H&H ensures that its workplace protects these people from work-caused injury and ill health by complying with all relevant safety legislations.

To achieve the above statement and workplace health and safety objectives, H&H commits to the following: active involvement and commitment of staff to workplace health and safety at all levels in the workplace; strive to prevent accident and disease through the identification, removal and control of hazards; investigation and reporting of all accidents and dangerous incidents; participation of and consultation with employees on safety matters of significance; provision of first aid and emergency procedures; appointment of a First Aid Officer (Training Coordinator); provision of information, training and supervision as necessary for safety.

It is the responsibility of all students to advise a H&H staff member of any potential hazards or faulty equipment so that appropriate action can be taken and issues mitigated.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy

H&H is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment for students and staff.

Our college aims to provide an environment which fosters equity and fairness and recognises respects and values the diversity of each student and staff member.The policy outlines the responsibilities of all members of the college to implement equal opportunity and diversity principles and to refrain from bullying, discrimination and harassment. The policy also sets out the consequences of any breach of the Policy.

Discrimination of staff, students or visitors attending the college is prohibited on the basis of the following:

• gender
• ethnic origin
• pregnancy
• marital status
• sexual orientation
• physical appearance
• psychological barriers
• religion
• age

H&H adheres to the principles of access and equity (the ability to access courses and right to be treated fairly) for all students and staff members.

Sexual Harassment Policy

H&H is committed to providing a work and training environment free of any sexual harassment or intimidation. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favours and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Not only is sexual harassment against H&H policy but it is illegal under Federal and State laws. All complaints of sexual harassment will be promptly and confidentially investigated.

Any student who feels they have been subject to sexual harassment or intimidation, please contact the Training Manager immediately.


We are confident that students will be pleased with their course, but in some instances this may not be the case. Trainers/assessors are skilled and aware of the needs of students. If there should be a problem with any matter concerning the student, we ask you to first raise the issue with your trainer/assessor. If the matter is not resolved, an appeal can be made by completing the Grievance Form located in a white folder at front reception.

** Please note all aspects of grievance reporting is done in the strictest of confidence (staff will adhere to privacy laws and confidentiality agreements at all times during this process).

Student Records

• Students are required to notify H&H immediately when their name, address or contact details change (You will be required to provide proof of change). Please contact front reception to change your details.
• At your induction, a ‘Student Information Form’ was completed, authorising H&H and other Government bodies to view training records. Student records are treated as confidential and are kept in a safe and secure manner in accordance with Privacy guidelines.
• Students are able to access their records at any time during their studies or after they have completed their training. If you wish to access your student records, please contact the college to arrange a suitable time for this.


During the course and at the conclusion of each course, each student will be given the opportunity to provide feedback and evaluate the course. We ask that students respond as honestly as possible to allow H&H to continually improve its courses, facilities and overall offering. Evaluation forms can be handed to the trainer or directly to the College office staff.

Students Say

Hi, my name is Arti. I have landed in this country less than a year ago. And selecting a course has been such a tough decision for me. The journey began with H&H Accredited Training College. Everyone has been so supportive during my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Course. I have been so nervous at the start but my teacher guided me through all the way. I have a permanent job today and am continuing with my studies, Diploma Course.

I would like to thank H&H Team for facilitating this class and for their continuous enthusiasm and energy.


Hi my name is Douha and I just finished my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and H&H Training. I really had a good time and am enjoying the experience during my studying of the Certificate III and Diploma in ECEC. The Staff and service were helpful and beneficial especially my teacher. She is an amazing teacher, always present when we need her. She supported us in class and during the work experience. I advice every person that wants to study Child care to come and try H&H training.


I have just finished a CHC50113 – Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Having a great teacher made a big difference in my studies. She was professional and knowledgeable and used her experiences and professionalism to help me achieve my studying goals.

I highly recommend H&H Training to achieve your dream course. I will recommend this college to others to get the benefit of a good college and supportive teachers.


I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to my teacher who is the loveliest person/teacher/supporter in my life. She worked very hard for all of us to go through this process and finish our diploma, as all of us are coming from different cultures and English is our second language. She used her own time to give us more support and help us learn more and be more professional in our job. I worked 15 years in the same industry but I learnt more so much in my Diploma class here.

The college staff were so supportive each step on the way and I was assisted by lovely people, who were always nice and helpful. Thank you for everything. I will recommend this college to others to get the benefit of a good college and supportive teachers.


I learned a lot on how to take care of my baby who is going to come soon.


My English skills especially in listening and understanding have improved a lot by having classes in this college.


I have learnt lots of new information in the childcare field from this college.


I’ve got a lot of new knowledge by studying in this college and made many new friends. I ALSO got a job after I have finished my work placement.